Content Marketing

Should I Pay for Search Engine Optimization? And How Much?

should i pay for SEO

If you browse our list of digital marketing services here at LaFleur, you might notice that we don’t list search engine optimization (SEO) as one of them. Why don’t we offer SEO services when so many digital marketing agencies do? Well, the answer is that we do offer SEO services — they’re just wrapped throughout…

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Digital Marketing Essentials: Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Why Blog for Business

In the digital marketing world, blogging is like flossing your teeth: everyone knows they should be doing it, and everyone tells themselves they’re going to get around to it, but few people do it — and even fewer people do it consistently. Often, when you’re checking out a local or niche business online, you’ll click…

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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Open Enrollment

Healthcare Marketing Content Strategy

Does Your Healthcare Marketing Team Have an Effective Content Marketing Strategy in Place for Open Enrollment? For healthcare organizations (HMOs, PPOs, independent hospitals, clinics, insurance carriers, etc.), open enrollment is like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one — except with more planning and less cheer. Open enrollment is the culmination of…

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Going Up? Crafting a Strong Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Writing an elevator pitch is an important first step in understanding your business model and conveying your company’s purpose and mission to the outside world (not to mention potential business partners and investors). It’s also an art form that has been sorely mistreated since its inception, leading to myriad missed opportunities. When done correctly, an…

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Crucial Conversions and KPIs You Should Track for Your Content

Conversions and KPIs

You Have a Content Marketing Strategy — Great! But Is It Working? Consistently creating fresh, relevant content is great, but how can you tell if it’s working? You may be getting more site visitors, but what does that really mean? You may have more clients or customers than you did last year, but do you…

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Is Influencer Marketing Helpful for Law Firms?

Influencer Marketing for Law Firms

In the digital marketing world, “influencer marketing” has become an almost inescapable buzz word over the last few years. If you’re familiar with the term at all, it probably conjures up images of twentysomething lifestyle gurus posing on Instagram with beauty products or bottled smoothies made from whatever counts as a superfood this week. Like…

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Take the Long Way Home: The Ever-Increasing Value of Tangential Content

Tangential Content

There’s no doubt that content marketing serves as the wellspring of digital marketing success. Content assets like blogs, ebooks, infographics, and videos provide the foundation for many other marketing strategies, like paid digital advertising and email automation. But sales and marketing departments continue to debate which sort of content is most effective at generating a…

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