Building Your Marketing Funnel, Part 1: Creating Brand Awareness

How to Create Brand Awareness

As a consumer, you’re often bombarded with choices for every service and product you could possibly want or need. As a business, you have to develop ways to make those services and products stand out. Attracting your potential customers’ attention can be challenging, which is why having a great brand awareness strategy is so essential.…

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How Lead Generation and Tracking Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

Every business wants more leads. According to the 2018 State of Inbound survey, 69% of businesses consider converting leads into customers as a top priority. Further, 56% of North American businesses want to improve the efficiency of their sales and marketing funnels. However, 61% of those surveyed noted that generating traffic and leads are one…

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LaFleur Team Tips for Productivity and Life

Productivity, Team Tips

One of the great things about our team is that we come from diverse professional backgrounds. While we work on the same projects and client accounts now, we each bring to the table a wealth of knowledge from everything we have done previously. This led to our in-house “team tips” series. At LaFleur, we schedule…

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Why Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Matters

Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone deserves to feel safe and welcome at work. This is the essence of diversity and inclusion — crafting intentional work cultures and policies that ensure everyone, no matter their background or lived experience, can come to work and feel safe to be their full, authentic selves. At LaFleur, we’re deeply committed to meaningful diversity…

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10 Minutes With LaFleur Business Growth Specialist Chandler Biggs

Chandler Biggs

After graduating from Grand Valley State University with a degree in marketing and finance, Chandler Biggs found a home at LaFleur, where he works as our business growth specialist. Chandler loves getting to know LaFleur’s clients and helping them achieve their business goals through strong partnerships and smart solutions. A natural entrepreneur and adventurer, Chandler…

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Here’s Why Your Local Small Business Needs a Website

Local Small Business Websites

Today’s small and local business environment is increasingly competitive. You need to be agile, responsive, and connected to your community. You might feel that adding a professional optimized website to the mix sounds overwhelming, especially when a portion of your customers never click on your links. You’re probably wrong. The benefits of a website rebuild…

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Play Is a Human Right! LaFleur Helps Children’s Healing Center and H.U.G.S. Ranch Advance Their Missions

LaFleur Volunteers at Childrens Healing Center Grand Rapids

At LaFleur, we believe that every child deserves time to play, create, explore, and find peace. We’re not alone; the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights considers play a fundamental right of every child. That’s because unstructured, child-driven play strengthens children’s cognitive, social, and executive skills in ways that other activities can’t. In May…

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How and Why to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

diversity and inclusion

The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion at Work We have a truly incredible group of intelligent, talented, and creative individuals at LaFleur. You may have a similarly outstanding team at your business. But even the most qualified and exceptional people can’t realize their full potential if they are working in a sub-optimal environment. And diverse,…

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