Why Your Healthcare Organization Needs a Blog

Healthcare Blog

Today’s healthcare users must navigate an increasingly complex ecosystem. However, many of them lack the skills and knowledge they need to make educated decisions about their care and insurance options. It’s no surprise that many of them head to our favorite resource for answers: the internet. In 2013, 72% of internet users searched the web…

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How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy for Open Enrollment

Healthcare Marketing Content Strategy

Does Your Healthcare Marketing Team Have an Effective Content Marketing Strategy in Place for Open Enrollment? For healthcare organizations (HMOs, PPOs, independent hospitals, clinics, insurance carriers, etc.), open enrollment is like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Super Bowl all rolled into one — except with more planning and less cheer. Open enrollment is the culmination of…

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Event Planning Best Practices for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Event Planning

Hosting events is a great way for your healthcare organization to get in front of a captive audience and tell your story. Regardless of whether you’re hosting a webinar, launch party, speaking engagement, or any other event, the goal is to create a fun and informative atmosphere that generates awareness of and further interest in…

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Google Analytics: Nothing to Fear and Everything to Gain

Google Analytics is an online tool that helps web property owners understand their digital traffic. If you aren’t already using Google Analytics, you’re missing out on invaluable information, which in turn makes it impossible to properly interpret your results and optimize your web properties. The Google Analytics platform allows you to see where your users…

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Intelligent Design: The LaFleur Approach to Visual Storytelling

Digital Design

Preliminary Topics: Identity, Objective, Audience, and Medium Before jumping headfirst into any design, you should look before you leap. Consider these four preliminary elements: Brand/Identity: Evaluate and understand the brand you’re working with and its values. Audience: Who are you trying to connect with, and what are the major demographics? Objective: What is the project,…

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Pay-Per-Click Tools and Resources for Long-Term Success

Bring Your PPC Efforts to Maturity With These Helpful Tools and Resources Confession: When I first began managing paid digital campaigns, I thought I had it all figured out. I’d read all the blogs, watched all the tutorials, and even passed the AdWords certification exam on my first try. Coupled with my growing experience as…

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Is a Bad Google Business Listing Costing You Good Clients?

Google Business Listings

The Value of Having a Local Google My Business Listing Google has over 90% of global market share for search engine volume, so if you’re going to spend time on one local listing, make sure it’s Google My Business. It’s free, and you’re going to increase your online visibility exponentially by having it optimized. Creating…

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10 Minutes With Content Developer Leigh Ebrom

10 Minutes With Content Developer Leigh Ebrom Leigh Ebrom is a writer, researcher, and marketing strategist extraordinaire at LaFleur. Leigh earned a B.A. in international relations from Michigan State University and a J.D. from Valparaiso University, then worked for several years as an attorney practicing disability-related law. She later decided to transition into a career…

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Smart Planning Leads to Attainable Paid Search Goals

paid advertising

Smart Planning Leads to Attainable Paid Search Goal Paid search can be a tough nut to crack, but it can also be an extremely lucrative marketing tool once you understand the landscape and begin leveraging your opportunities. If you don’t set clear objectives and goals from the outset, however, there’s no way to achieve (much…

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