Pay Per Click

Learn the Fundamentals of Google Paid Search Campaigns

google paid search

I was speaking with one of my colleagues at LaFleur recently when he asked if we’d ever written a blog on the fundamentals of paid search with Google Ads. Initially, I responded, “Of course! In fact, I’m pretty sure we write some version of that blog at least once each year.” When I went back…

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Influence Your Potential Clients’ Decisions Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Legal Website

Your Clients Use the Internet to Make Decisions Legal prospects are increasingly reliant on the internet for information about law firms and legal services, which means your potential clients are already researching you online. But simply publishing a website isn’t enough to engage today’s more sophisticated audiences. You need a robust, multi-platform marketing strategy that…

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Creating and Optimizing an Effective PPC Campaign for Law Firms

Paid Digital Advertising

Paid digital advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC), for the legal industry can be difficult. Prior to joining LaFleur, I worked with Google creating and managing AdWords campaigns for six years, but I had never worked with legal clients. However, as most of our clients at LaFleur are law firms, I had to learn to optimize campaigns…

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Google Analytics: Nothing to Fear and Everything to Gain

Google Analytics is an online tool that helps web property owners understand their digital traffic. If you aren’t already using Google Analytics, you’re missing out on invaluable information, which in turn makes it impossible to properly interpret your results and optimize your web properties. The Google Analytics platform allows you to see where your users…

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Pay-Per-Click Tools and Resources for Long-Term Success

Bring Your PPC Efforts to Maturity With These Helpful Tools and Resources Confession: When I first began managing paid digital campaigns, I thought I had it all figured out. I’d read all the blogs, watched all the tutorials, and even passed the AdWords certification exam on my first try. Coupled with my growing experience as…

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Smart Planning Leads to Attainable Paid Search Goals

paid advertising

Smart Planning Leads to Attainable Paid Search Goal Paid search can be a tough nut to crack, but it can also be an extremely lucrative marketing tool once you understand the landscape and begin leveraging your opportunities. If you don’t set clear objectives and goals from the outset, however, there’s no way to achieve (much…

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What Is Native Advertising and How Does It Work?

native advertising

While browsing your favorite website, you might encounter promoted or sponsored content. If you weren’t looking carefully, you probably couldn’t differentiate it from the site’s editorial content because the ads matched the site’s fit, feel, and messaging. This is native advertising. In the right hands, native advertising can enrich a reader’s experience and increase brand…

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What Is a Conversion? And How to Get More of Them for Your Firm


Conversions Are the Single Most Important Element of Legal Marketing Today we’re going to condense the entire legal marketing enterprise down to a single word: conversion. That is, transforming a user into a lead by encouraging them to take a specific action that results in capturing some aspect of their personal information—usually an email address or a phone number.  

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