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LaFleur is your forward-thinking digital marketing partner. We create innovative, data-driven marketing strategies and assets for law firms, healthcare organizations, and growing businesses.

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Even before your clients retain you, they’re researching you online. If your digital marketing presence isn’t compelling and easy to find, you’re going to miss out on business. But you don’t have time to become a marketing expert. LaFleur wants to help. This book offers practical advice and real-world examples that will improve your firm’s marketing immediately. We’ll show you how to get better leads, improve your ROI, and boost your firm’s brand.


Best Lawyer Websites

4 Common Traits That the Best Lawyer Websites Share

Here’s a little-known secret about some of the best lawyer websites around: they’re not that complicated. Sure, they look great and they’re easy to use, so it would seem like there’s some genius behind the green curtain pulling all the right strings at all the right times. Right? Not so fast. The truth is that…
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 seo for law firms

A Practical Guide to SEO for Law Firms

If you’re like most lawyers, you know that you need to take SEO (search engine optimization) seriously, but you probably don’t know exactly what that means. Every month, people search “seo for law firms’ almost 2,000 times according to SEMrush’s data. However, many of your peers get bogged down by the marketing and technical jargon…
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seo mistakes

SEUh-Oh: 8 Common SEO Mistakes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of strategically positioning content on and features of your website to achieve higher rankings in search engines and attract more organic traffic. An effective optimization strategy includes everything from site health, design, page speed, link building, content, keyword research, and more. However, in the past, effective SEO strategies…
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Brand Your Law Firm

Successfully Brand Your Law Firm With Strategy, Empathy, and Consistency

What’s in a Brand Identity? You may not think of your legal practice as a “brand,” but just like Gap, Target, MasterCard, or Subaru, it is. Done well, a law firm brand creates a memorable picture of your firm, builds trust with current and potential clients, and helps your firm stand out in the legal…
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law firm brand 

What Does Law Firm Branding Really Mean? 

Great branding communicates your law firm’s ethos, authority, and character. Unfortunately, far too many firms skip the process of developing a robust brand, weakening their reputation, presentation, and client base in the long run. Even if you’re ready to take a look at your law firm’s branding, you might not know where to start. Fortunately,…
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google algorithm update 2020

Google’s New Ranking Factors: It’s Time for a Web Rebuild

Google is obsessed with directing search results to websites that deliver a positive user experience to the end-user. They’ve been telling website owners that they prefer well-written, researched, informative, and well-sourced content for years. They have also hinted that site owners should care about user experience but have been less forthright about the technical details…
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"I have worked with LaFleur Marketing for several years and they are a great partner. They truly care about our client relationship; they are very responsive to questions, and they are good at de-mystifying the complex world of web-based marketing. They have special expertise in the legal field and I feel that they understand lawyers and law firms. I highly recommend them."

-Tom Crosley
Crosley Law Firm


"The LaFleur Marketing team is like having business advisors without being billed for it. They give me so much input, and they have taught me a lot about how things work and what to do or not do in terms of digital marketing."

-Marcy Block
S.H. Block Tax Services


"Chip and his team make a meaningful difference. Our website is first class and a great resource for prospective clients and existing clients alike."

-Denise Strauss
Crosley Law Firm


"I want to thank LaFleur and all the team members. We have used their services for several years. They are responsive to requests and quickly take action with new projects. They are honest and open and go above and beyond what other marketing companies provide. I am happy to give a five star review of their services."

-Stanley Block
S.H. Block Tax Services


"LaFleur Legal Marketing has done a great job with our internet marketing campaign. They are knowledgeable and responsive to requests and questions. Highly recommend."

-Matthew Myers
Myers Law Firm


"LaFleur has consistently proven to be professional, responsive, and invested in their work for my law firm."

-Mike Charnoff
Perry Charnoff, PLLC





TRANSPARENCY: At LaFleur, we’re not interested in hiding behind a curtain of mystery. We provide transparency at every stage of project management, from clearly laying out the scope of work to providing clients with unfettered access to final deliverables and detailed invoices.



FAMILY: Family comes first. Supporting the health, wellness, and happiness of our team translates to truly outstanding work for our clients. That’s why we offer remote working opportunities, wellness initiatives, flexible time off, and a healthy work-life balance philosophy.



EDUCATION: Adopting new technology and staying ahead of emerging marketing trends requires vigilance and continuing education. We cultivate an atmosphere of knowledge by encouraging and supporting our team members’ personal and professional development.



COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Every team member at LaFleur has benefited from the community surrounding them. By promoting a healthy workplace, volunteering as a team, and taking informed positions on important issues, we strive to make a positive impact on our community.