What Distinguishes LaFleur Legal Marketing?


e become your legal marketing partner in the truest sense by providing comprehensive digital marketing services tailored to your unique needs as a law firm. Plus, everything we create is yours to keep.

Unlike many agencies, we do what we have agreed to do within the budget we’ve agreed upon. In fact, we often provide services that go beyond the initial scope of work in order to create the best possible product for our clients and fully realize an effective strategy.

By aligning our goals with your law firm’s needs, we earn your trust and help you build your business.

Comprehensive Law Firm Marketing: Our Core Service Areas

Marketing Automation





The Importance of Tracking Your Marketing ROI

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing solution. Best practices and data-driven innovation fuel all of our digital marketing efforts. While many agencies will simply plug you into a one-size-fits-all system, LaFleur Legal Marketing delivers custom-designed marketing strategies that cater to your unique needs and adapt to your business’ growth.

Testing and evaluating return on investment (ROI) are central to knowing what marketing strategies will work best for your law firm. When you know your real costs and returns, you can make smart decisions about your marketing budget to focus on strategies that truly work.

Our Core Values


Many clients come to us exasperated by their current marketing agency: charges never seem to align with services delivered, and results never materialize. At LaFleur Legal Marketing, we don’t want anything to be shrouded in mystery — including billing. We provide transparency in everything we do:

  • Our clients have direct access to our project management software so they can monitor progress directly.
  • Scope of work is laid out clearly and delivered on time.
  • Our clients own their content and data from the outset.


Digital marketing paradigms change rapidly. Consistently engaging with and growing an online audience requires skill and talent in areas ranging from technical search engine optimization (SEO) to social media. Staying on top of new technology and ahead of emerging marketing trends requires constant vigilance and a focus on continuing education, which we prioritize and cultivate as an organization in many ways:

  • Attending legal and marketing conferences
  • Diversifying individuals’ skill sets through certifications and coursework
  • Encouraging and supporting personal and professional development


When it comes to our hierarchy of values, family comes first. That includes assigning a high value to the health and wellness of our team so they can deliver outstanding products and services to our clients. Cornerstones of our family-friendly work culture include:

  • Remote working opportunities
  • Flexible time off
  • Emphasis on family and work-life balance

You built your practice purposefully, and we build upon your vision to help you grow predictably and sustainably.

– Chip LaFleur

Our Focus on Law Firm Marketing

At LaFleur Legal Marketing, our passion for the legal system runs deep, and we place a high value on the work attorneys do to safeguard our rights as well as the health and safety of the public. Our history of hands-on experience with law firms has allowed us to create a unique set of service offerings that integrate seamlessly within a law firm’s existing structure rather than working parallel to or outside of it.

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