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Get the Most Out of Your Personal LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, Social Media

LinkedIn has become the go-to social media platform for job seekers. It is a great place to network with other professionals and companies that you might want to work for, and the job board is second to none when it comes to the quality of available job openings. But what happens to your profile when…

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Learn the Fundamentals of Google Paid Search Campaigns

google paid search

I was speaking with one of my colleagues at LaFleur recently when he asked if we’d ever written a blog on the fundamentals of paid search with Google Ads. Initially, I responded, “Of course! In fact, I’m pretty sure we write some version of that blog at least once each year.” When I went back…

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Optimizing YouTube Videos for Impact: Tags, Cards, and More!

youtube optimization

When it comes to digital media, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How do I get more YouTube video views?” The obvious answer is to create compelling video that resonates with your audience. Elements such as storyline, length, production quality, and target audience all help achieve that resonance. In addition to the…

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Should You Ask Your Employees to Write a Company Review?

should you ask employees to write a review

Asking employees to write and post company reviews is a common practice that can give consumers and employers alike insight into how a business functions, including their daily operations, their approach to ethics and sustainability, and the quality of their products and services. For employees, writing a review can help them gain perspective on what…

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Influence Your Potential Clients’ Decisions Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Legal Website

Your Clients Use the Internet to Make Decisions Legal prospects are increasingly reliant on the internet for information about law firms and legal services, which means your potential clients are already researching you online. But simply publishing a website isn’t enough to engage today’s more sophisticated audiences. You need a robust, multi-platform marketing strategy that…

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Grow Your Firm’s Social Media Presence With These Proven Strategies

social media marketing for law firms

As an attorney, you know that attracting and retaining great clients is all about strong communication skills. First impressions are important, and remaining in close contact throughout the legal process inspires trust and instills confidence. Once a case wraps up, you follow up to ensure your now-former clients are satisfied with their representation and to…

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10 Minutes With Social Media Specialist Jason Brower

Jason Brower joined LaFleur as the company’s first full-time social media specialist in March of 2018. Before linking up with LaFleur, Jason earned a business degree from Grand Valley State University and then worked for two local minor league sports teams, the Grand Rapids Griffins and the West Michigan Whitecaps. While working with the Whitecaps,…

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What Is Native Advertising and How Does It Work?

native advertising

While browsing your favorite website, you might encounter promoted or sponsored content. If you weren’t looking carefully, you probably couldn’t differentiate it from the site’s editorial content because the ads matched the site’s fit, feel, and messaging. This is native advertising. In the right hands, native advertising can enrich a reader’s experience and increase brand…

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