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digital marketing funnel

Today, brand advocacy is more important than ever. Reviews, peer referrals, and testimonials consistently rank among the most influential decision-making tools for consumers. We ask friends and families for suggestions for anything from doctors and lawyers to coffee brands and backpacks. Capitalizing on this word-of-mouth network can increase your company’s client base. But how can…

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Influencer Marketing for Law Firms

In the digital marketing world, “influencer marketing” has become an almost inescapable buzz word over the last few years. If you’re familiar with the term at all, it probably conjures up images of twentysomething lifestyle gurus posing on Instagram with beauty products or bottled smoothies made from whatever counts as a superfood this week. Like…

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Law Firm Branding

Brand identity can be a tricky thing to pin down, especially for law firms. Most attorneys and executives think of their brand as their logo or their tagline or their elevator pitch, but beyond that, they struggle to communicate their firm’s positioning. It’s almost as if they’re strangers to themselves. They know they work hard and achieve great outcomes for their clients,…

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