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Data-driven marketing made simple

Our streamlined approach can help you reach your goals

A scattershot approach to marketing rarely (if ever) works. Instead, successful law firms and professional services organizations implement a tactical, comprehensive marketing plan that clearly expresses their brand and addresses their clientele at every stage of the buyer’s journey. LaFleur takes the guesswork out of digital marketing by offering a set of four solutions that, when combined, provide all the tools you need for a successful marketing strategy.

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  • Website Design and HostingYour firm’s website is the foundation of your online marketing efforts, which is why our strategic approach to building and updating websites starts with careful planning.
  • SEOThe process of trying to increase a website’s rankings in search engines to attract more organic traffic.
  • Brand StrategyYour firm’s brand is essential to your success. Build your brand the right way, promote it through the proper channels, and new clients will follow.

Every digital marketing strategy needs a strong foundation. We can help you articulate your firm’s brand and create a website that both the algorithms and your target audiences love.

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  • Content MarketingAt LaFleur, we base our content marketing services on exceptional writing and editing as well as a holistic approach to reaching your audience. 
  • Blogs, Whitepapers, and Ebooks Content that plays a critical role in attracting new and repeat customers. It needs to be well-researched, helpful to your audience, and interesting to read. 
  • WebinarsAn online seminar.
  • VideoVideo can help generate new leads, strengthen your relationship with prospective and current clients, and build awareness of and trust in your brand.

Your clients are hungry for information and insight; one of the most effective ways to build meaningful connections is through content. Thoughtful content that speaks to people at every stage of their journey—whether they’re still trying to handle their own claim or are a satisfied client or potential referral source—puts your firm on their radar and establishes your brand as someone they can trust.

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  • Pay-per-Click and Pay-per-Lead AdvertisingA model of online advertising in which the advertiser pays a fee each time someone clicks on one of their ads.
  • Paid MediaFrom PPC and paid social media advertising to connected TV and streaming radio ads, paid media can amplify your brand, boost awareness, and generate more leads.
  • Brand ambassadorship

Broaden your marketing reach with data-driven paid advertising campaigns. Our thumb is on the pulse of current trends and our eye is on your long-term results. We can keep your law firm at the top of your audience’s mind, so that you’re the first place they turn to with their legal questions.

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  • Social MediaAn engaging and vibrant social media marketing campaign can build and strengthen the relationships between you, your followers, and their extended social circles.
  • AutomationA marketing practice that uses software to send emails to target audience members based on pre-defined triggers.
  • Email CampaignsWell-crafted, personalized, and targeted emails are an indispensable tool for gaining and converting potential clients.
  • Video Follow-upToday's consumers expect a personalized and seamless user experience. Catch your leads' attention by embedding videos and other customized content into your emails.

Do you have a process and a plan for qualifying and nurtuting leads? We can simplify your lead nurturing process and ensure your leads and clients get consistent communication, fostering trust and increasing their satisfaction.

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