Content Management

Get Your Google Listing to Show Up with LaFleur

Google Listing Optimization

By adopting and maintaining a more active approach to your Google business listing, you could increase the number of people who view your website by as much as 400%, the number of clicks by 140%, and the number of inbound phone calls by 100% — all within a single year! We know because our clients…

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How to Get More High-Quality Website Traffic — Today

High-quality website traffic

More Traffic Isn’t Always Better Seeing more and more website visitors every month is a great feeling, but what if your phones still aren’t ringing? If we’re all being honest, website traffic is a classic example of a vanity metric — it looks great, but it tends to only be loosely associated with the real results most law firms and other…

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How and Why We Choose Our Blog Topics

blog topic ideation

Maintaining a great legal blog and coming up with targeted, relevant topics is no easy feat — and here at LaFleur, we manage many law firm blogs at the same time. So how do we juggle topic ideation for numerous blogs across a wide range of practice areas while maintaining the focused nature of the…

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