Video Production

6 Steps to Better Video Marketing

Video Marketing, Video Content, Video Marketing Best Practices

If you want to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level, you should incorporate video elements across all your digital properties, including your website, paid advertising landing pages, social media platforms, and email campaigns. Because videos can put a face, a voice, and a presence to your company’s name, they can personalize your…

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Simple Tips for Shooting Great Testimonial Videos

testimonial videos

Regardless of your business type, if you want to inspire trust and gain new and loyal clients, your website, landing pages, and social media profiles should be tastefully populated with crisp, professional testimonial videos featuring enthusiastic clients. It’s a classic Field of Dreams scenario: If you film it, they will come. Of course, not all…

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Maximizing the ROI of Video Campaigns Throughout the Sales Funnel

Video Campaigns

For SEO purposes, written content is hard to beat. But high-quality video engages with your audience and creates deeper connections with potential buyers. Most online consumers are more likely to watch a video than read a blog entry or webpage about a topic. Video provides a more powerful sensory experience for the user, and if…

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The Truth… The Whole Truth: The Value of Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

The power and influence of video testimonials cannot be understated. Here we have two of the most effective digital marketing assets in one convenient package, which is great for any business. But it’s especially great for law firms because attorneys rely so heavily on building trust with their clients. And there’s no better way to…

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Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Impact: Transcripts

Optimizing YouTube videos

The YouTube! This element of your videos is more important than many people realize and one that most people don’t often bother with: transcripts. Transcripts are essentially closed caption for your video, providing text as your video plays. Why Use Transcripts?  Transcripts are important for a number of reasons: You want to make sure your…

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