Disrupting Data Injustice

With Renée Cummings

Renee Cummings sitting at a microphone with a serious facial expression.
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Predictive analytics and algorithms are typically designed to be efficient tools that streamline processes in healthcare, insurance, law and banking fields, among others. But is algorithmic efficiency creating tradeoffs that are eliminating worthy people from receiving the support they need? Are potential clients becoming lost in the data?

Join Renee Cummings, Data Science Professor of Practice at The University of Virginia and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at The Brookings Institution, in this meaningful discussion regarding AI Ethics and the future of our algorithmic society.


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5:00 PM – 6:00 PM: Presentation & questions

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About Renée Cummings

Renée Cummings is a criminologist and international criminal justice consultant who specializes in Artificial Intelligence (AI); ethical AI, bias in AI, diversity and inclusion in AI, algorithmic authenticity and accountability, data integrity and equity, AI for social good and social justice in AI policy and governance.

Foreseeing trends and anticipating disruptions, she’s committed to diverse and inclusive AI strategy development; using AI to empower and transform communities and cultures; securing diverse and inclusive participation in the 4IR, helping companies navigate the AI landscape and developing future AI leaders. 

“Renée Cummings Responsible Tech Journey” — watch the first 5 minutes to gain a comprehensive understanding of Renée’s credentials and expertise. Cummings is a pioneer in the responsible tech movement! 

Watch on YouTube > 

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