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Different forms of content will appeal to different target audiences depending on where they are in the buyer’s journey. It’s best to build a multi-pronged approach to content development that embraces blogs, infographics, ebooks, video, and webinars. And, unlike some forms of advertising, a well-written and optimized blog can perform well for years—giving it a remarkable ROI.

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Content marketing strategy

Like everything at LaFleur, our content strategies are grounded in data, research, and collaboration. This comprehensive approach ensures that all of your content aligns with your overall goals, reflects your brand, and will catch your audiences’ attention.

Blogs, ebooks, and other resources

Your audience (and the search engines) want to see a continuous flow of insightful, high-quality content. Blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, and infographics establish your firm as a trusted leader and perform well over time. Our subject-matter experts use leading-edge data to build editorial calendars and resources that demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership.

Video and webinars

Today’s legal consumers are hungry for information. If you’re not creating videos, you’re missing out on a powerful tool. Research shows that pages with an embedded video are powerful drivers of traffic; 80% of people using video in marketing report increased sales as a result. Our team of producers, editors, and writers can ensure that you’re getting the most of your content. We can also help you set up your webinars, craft compelling decks, and promote them to your audience.

Social media

Your clients are checking you out on social media. Will they like what they see? Our team of writers and designers can help you customize your social media platforms (from LinkedIn and Facebook to TikTok) and create organic posts that people will like and share with reckless abandon.

Newsletter automation

Share your blogs, success stories, office news, and other information with your network. Our automated systems and team make email newsletters easy, cost-effective, and (gasp!) fun.

Brand ambassadorship and reputation management

Legal consumers rely heavily on client reviews and success stories. Our team can help you create systems that encourage five-star reviews while following your bar association’s rules of professional responsibility. We can also celebrate your biggest cases with compelling client profiles and stories.
Bryant Legal Group represents disability insurance claimants in Chicago and across Illinois. We built a robust content strategy that focused on the clients’ biggest concerns and issues, leading to a 971% increase in visits to its blog—and more than 30 featured snippets and 126 “People Also Ask” designations on Google.


Where We Help

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Research and strategy

Content strategy should be multi-disciplinary. We track developing search trends in our clients’ industries, jurisdictions, and the marketing world. Then, using our experience and data, we build editorial calendars that highlight high-value keywords and important legal issues. This holistic approach ensures that both your leads and the search engines love your content.

Experienced legal copy professional

When generalist writers and editors dabble in legal marketing, you end up with lousy content. That’s why we assign a dedicated team of writers, editors, and strategists to our clients’ accounts. These long-term relationships ensure that we understand your practice and clients—and can express them in everything we create for your firm.

Client feedback and collaboration

We value transparency and long-term client relationships. Your feedback is essential and makes our content even better. Unlike some marketing agencies, we’ll always give you a chance to review and edit your content before it’s posted.

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“While running the Web/Mobile work for BayHealthDevelopment/CanopyHealth, I worked closely with LaFleur Marketing for over three years. LaFleur Marketing is nothing short of an amazing agency. I have since sent several customers to them. They are thorough, strategic, detailed oriented, fun, and reasonable. When I need a marketing and content company in my future, I will definitely reach out to LaFleur first!”

Cathy Farmer

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