Mass tort marketing for law firms

Targeted messaging and ads that reach your ideal mass tort clients

Our experienced team of legal and health writers carefully build and design advertising campaigns, landing pages, and other content that empowers mass tort victims and builds trust in your law firm. Our mass tort marketing services include:

LaFleur will quickly get to know you and your law firm so we can understand the audiences your campaigns need to target. Then, we build data-driven mass tort campaigns using efficient strategies that foster lead generation and lead conversions.

Law firms are spending big on mass tort marketing — but is it paying off?

Each year, lawyers in the United States spend more than $1 billion on advertising and marketing services. And of that $1 billion, mass tort advertising consumes about $850 million.

Unfortunately, the mass tort marketing industry is often inefficient, failing to accurately target likely potential clients and providing little incentive for potential clients to listen. Rather than focus on high-quality content that engages the desired audience and encourages conversions, most marketing materials for potential mass tort clients rely on overly simplistic scare tactics. You and your potential clients deserve better than this one-size-fits-few strategy.

And the results of this inefficiency are predictable. According to the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, roughly 30% of multi-district litigation claims are unsupportable, and that figure rises to 40–50% in high-volume litigation. Up to half of MDL claimants have insufficient evidence, an expired statute of limitations, or other serious issues in their claim.

How does this happen? Slapdash client vetting and overly broad marketing messages both play roles. Your law firm doesn’t need low-quality leads that turn into failed cases. Instead, you need to target the people who need your help the most.

Mass tort strategies that align with your brand and messaging

At LaFleur, we understand that speed and volume are critical in the world of mass torts. However, too much emphasis on volume can do more harm than good. If your marketing partner is slapping your logo on a prefabricated ad that’s just like all the others, how can you stand out from the competition?

We know you’ve invested time and effort into building your firm’s reputation and expertise — so don’t undermine that by publishing cookie-cutter, copycat ads. Our team can create sophisticated ad campaigns that use data to target your ideal mass tort clients, all while highlighting the unique factors that make your firm great.

We’ve already helped our clients reach a wide variety of mass tort claimants, including victims with claims involving:

  • Safety devices, like Takata airbags and 3M Combat Arms earplugs
  • Dangerous drugs and medications, such as Xarelto
  • Defective medical devices, like DePuy hip implants
  • E-cigarettes and other vaping devices
  • E-cigarettes and other vaping devices
  • Volkswagen emissions
  • Dangerous Consumer Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Industrial and Agricultural Chemicals

Our team also carefully monitors trends in mass tort litigation. We track recall news, web search volumes, and other data to identify potential opportunities for our clients. These strategies can help you enter the market and reach potential clients before they start receiving mass advertising messages from competitors.

LaFleur: Mass tort marketing done right

Our team of talented writers, researchers, designers, and strategists are here to help you improve your mass tort marketing. To learn more about LaFleur’s customized approach, contact us today. We’ll assess your current strategies and suggest improvements that can begin delivering results right away.

To get in touch with us, complete our online contact form or call us at 888.222.1512.


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