LaFleur Volunteers With the Humane Society’s Adopt-A-Room Program

LaFleur is committed to giving back to our community through our monthly team volunteer projects. This April, our volunteer efforts took us back to the Humane Society of West Michigan for the next stage of our Adopt-A-Room project.

Volunteering at the Humane Society

Here at LaFleur, we love dogs so much we have a #dogsoflafleur tag on Instagram to highlight all the adorable pets who visit us in our dog-friendly office. And some of us even like cats! That’s why we are so excited to be volunteering at the Humane Society of West Michigan.

In early 2019, LaFleur adopted four consultation rooms at the Humane Society as an ongoing volunteer project. We’ve been helping to refurbish the rooms in a three-part process involving cleaning, painting, and decorating.

These consult rooms are where prospective pet owners meet their potential new furry family members for the first time. It’s important that the rooms provide a clean and comforting atmosphere for the dogs to be able to meet and greet their new humans calmly in a safe space.

Recap: Part One of Our Volunteer Work With the Humane Society

We started our work with the Humane Society of West Michigan this February by giving their consult rooms a deep pre-Spring cleaning. We also received a tour of the facilities and had some meet and greet time with new furry friends.

Want to hear more about our time there? Check out the link below for more details.

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Part Two: Painting the Consultation Rooms

Humane Society of West Michigan LaFleur volunteer dayThis April, our monthly volunteer project took us back to the Humane Society for round two: painting. The four rooms we adopted were a garish green and orange color that didn’t really help people or pets feel calm and relaxed.

With rollers and trim brushes in hand, LaFleur got to work painting the walls several coats of a more peaceful and neutral “eggshell grey.” Did we get paint all over us? Yes. Yes we did. But we finished all four rooms in a few hours with time to spare for playing with some puppies.

Social Time With Our Furry Friends

After we finished painting, we were able to meet and greet several of the shelter’s furry residents. First up was the playful Dillan, a shepherd mix who loves getting attention, playing ball, and licking faces. Next Mika joined us; he is a super sweet, gorgeous husky puppy who loves to explore.

After playing fetch and enjoying some time with the dogs, our volunteers got to visit one of the cat rooms for some playtime full of petting and purring (mostly just for the cats; only one volunteer purred).

After meeting the animals, it was time to pack up our supplies and head out, with the promise to be back in a couple of months to play again.

The Humane Society of West Michigan

The Humane Society of West Michigan is dedicated to building a more compassionate community where all animals can receive the care and attention they deserve. To do this, they work with a variety of welfare organizations and community partners to achieve their goals. LaFleur is excited about being one of the Humane Society’s partners and helping them find loving families for their animals.

LaFleur’s Commitment to Volunteering

Want to learn more about LaFleur’s volunteer efforts and how you can partner with us to help make a difference in our community? Call (888) 222-1512 or fill out a brief contact form.

And stay tuned to our website for our next trip to the Humane Society of West Michigan in June, when we’ll be putting the finishing touches on our consultation rooms.