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Episode 14 – How Law Firms Can Improve Processes and Gather Better Data, with Tim McKey (Rebroadcast)

When you’ve devoted years of hard work plus untold emotional and financial investment into creating a law practice, it can be difficult to step back and look at your processes with a critical eye. To help you get into a fresh and forward-thinking state of mind, we’ve picked out one of our favorite episodes of Legal Marketing Radio from our archives. You can use the player below to listen here, or you can head over to our SoundCloud page or the iTunes store to download and subscribe to the podcast.

Legal Marketing Radio is a podcast that covers legal marketing tips and strategies (courtesy of the experts at LaFleur) as well as news, trends, and cutting-edge innovations in the overlapping spheres of legal, digital, and content marketing.

In this rebroadcast of our most popular episode to date, Tim McKey of Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Vista Consulting Team shares some of the insights he’s gained while helping numerous law firms across the country optimize and streamline their practices. Not only that, but LaFleur President Chip LaFleur joins the conversation to talk about how the data that Vista helps clients gather can strengthen digital marketing campaigns.

Check back next month for a new episode of Legal Marketing Radio, and thanks for tuning in!

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