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Chip LaFleur entered the marketing world by dabbling over dialup on BBS sites when the first portal to "the Internet" appeared. Shortly thereafter, he picked up an HTML reference book and started coding and building early websites in between writing radio scripts, planning media budgets, and handling design work for a small ad agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the landscape changed and traditional media fell behind the trackability and predictability of digital channels, he continued to focus more and more on emerging digital tools and platforms.   

In 2011 Chip started to understand why a client of his had chosen to become a lawyer. Like many, he thought that we lived in an overly litigious country where in many cases, lawyers were the problem. His position dramatically changed over time as he started seeing the results of cases he had become familiar with and hearing directly from people who had hired his client to represent them. Chip wanted to help more people understand the difference between a great attorney and a mediocre attorney. He knew that he could build systems that would help people find a great attorney when they needed one. He also knew that he could build tools that would help people remain more informed about their legal matters, whatever they may be.   

Chip decided to assemble a team with the specific purpose of helping law practices communicate more effectively to the people who need them. He quit his agency job and created LaFleur. Tripling in size in the first year of operation, LaFleur Marketing has quickly become a recognizable name in the legal and marketing industries.   

Outside of his role at LaFleur, Chip loves spending time with his wife and sons, building things out of wood and metal, and spending time outdoors - where you can find him in the garden, backpacking, or mountain biking in the warmer weather and snowboarding or snowshoeing in the winter.