The Dedicated Team Behind Your Marketing Success

All great teams need a leader, a few superstars, and a cadre of outstanding players who are willing to sacrifice their turn in the spotlight for the good of the team. At LaFleur Marketing, each of our employees can fill all three roles simultaneously because each of us values initiative, excellence, and perseverance. And because we all share this core group of values, there’s nothing we cannot achieve, both internally and on your behalf.

Initially, our team consisted of just five employees, but we’ve grown significantly over the past year, and we now have a full (and growing) squad of All-Star caliber marketing professionals. Whether you are looking to grow your law firm or other type of business, we have the perfect assets in place to conduct thorough research, develop effective strategies, and produce lead-generating deliverables on time, every time.

  • Chip LaFleur President

    Chip LaFleur has led innovation in marketing and business development over 15 years, spending the last five building, testing, and refining digital marketing systems for law firms. Time with family at home and in the garden, woodworking, and backpacking are favorite distractions.

  • David VandeWaa Managing Editor

    David VandeWaa has spent over a decade teaching writing, literature, and history in high school and college classrooms. His work has been published in academic journals, he has traveled extensively in Europe, and he occasionally posts anecdotes about his experiences on his blog.

  • Falon Peters Project Manager

    Falon Peters’ passion for marketing and heart for the details make her the ultimate keeper of projects and facilitator of the facts. And with four boys at home, she has to excel at project management! Have a question about your campaign? Call Falon. Plus, she’s just really nice to talk to.

  • Sarah LaFleur Website Strategy & Design Specialist

    With a passion for knowing “all the things” related to Internet Marketing, Sarah LaFleur has a strong background in analytics, SEO, design, management, and user engagement. She’s a mother to two (Lucien and Leif) and enjoys horseback riding, travel, backpacking, and reading.

  • Kyle McCarthy Content Strategist

    Kyle McCarthy is an experienced and skillful content strategist who earned his MA in English literature in 2012. Since then, he has worked with several national brands implementing marketing strategies and delivering compelling content.

  • Kaleigh D. Simmons Digital Marketing Strategist

    An organized and thoughtful digital marketer wearing many hats, Kaleigh specializes in marketing automation, website strategy, social media, and process improvement. When she’s not enhancing your web presence, she’s most likely traveling, enjoying photography, or spending time with her family.

  • Steven Thomas Kent Content Developer

    As a former magazine editor and active freelance reporter, Steven Thomas Kent has gained a wealth of experience in marketing and journalism. His inquisitiveness and creativity make him an outstanding content developer. When he’s not busy writing, he likes to read and play guitar.

  • Jane Newton Content Developer and Strategist

    With an affinity for words, travel, good beer, and great friends, Jane Newton is naturally drawn to communication. She loves action-oriented meetings, laughing, strategizing, and getting stuff done.

  • Sowmya Padigi PPC Marketing Specialist

    Sowmya is our PPC marketing specialist who handles all things paid advertising. She is a former Google employee and comes with a wealth of knowledge about AdWords and the online search landscape. She is an expert with campaign management, search analysis, and bid management.

  • Emily Brown Demand Generation Representative

    Emily has been in the IT sector since 2010 and in digital marketing more recently. She has built successful teams by mentoring and adapting her training to team members’ strengths. In her free time she loves to be with her family, entertain friends, read, and get outdoors.

  • Pat Kose Account Manager

    Pat Kose is an experienced account manager who has worked with clients ranging from landscapers to doctors to lawyers. He enjoys traveling, good food, and playing with his daughter.

  • Sara Bruinsma Marketing Assistant

    As a former immigration paralegal and communications assistant for a national nonprofit, Sara brings a knowledge of the law and a passion for digital marketing to LaFleur. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, biking, reading, and watching movies.

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