Episode 9 – Steps to Better CTAs / Vista Conference Reflections

Episode 9 of Legal Marketing Radio, “Steps to Better CTAs / Vista Conference Reflections” is out now on SoundCloud and iTunes! You can use the player below to listen here, or you can visit our SoundCloud page or the iTunes store to download and subscribe to the podcast.

Legal Marketing Radio is a podcast that covers legal marketing tips and strategies (courtesy of the experts at LaFleur) as well as news, trends, and cutting-edge innovations in the overlapping spheres of legal, digital, and content marketing.

In this episode, Legal Marketing Radio host Steven Thomas Kent talks with LaFleur Content Director Dave VandeWaa about strategies to write better marketing calls-to-action and also catches up to debrief with LaFleur President and CEO Chip LaFleur after his recent visit to Chicago for the Vista Consulting Conference.

Don’t forget to check back in two weeks for another episode, and happy listening!


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