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Episode 18 – How Lawyers Can Become Better Closers, with Ryan ‘The Hardcore Closer’ Stewman

Episode 18 of Legal Marketing Radio, “How Lawyers Can Become Better Closers,” featuring Ryan “The Hardcore Closer” Stewman, is out now on SoundCloud and iTunes! You can use the player below to listen here, or you can visit our SoundCloud page or the iTunes store to download and subscribe to the podcast.

Legal Marketing Radio is a podcast that covers legal marketing tips and strategies (courtesy of the experts at LaFleur) as well as news, trends, and cutting-edge innovations in the overlapping spheres of legal, digital, and content marketing.

We’re kicking off 2018 with a bang by featuring sales coach, author, and multimillionaire entrepreneur Ryan Stewman on the podcast. The founder and CEO of one of the internet’s premiere websites for modern sales techniques and training,, Ryan overcame incredible adversity — including a stay in federal prison and a stint as a mortgage loan officer during the worst years of the late-2000s housing crisis — to found his own business empire and build his “Hardcore Closer” brand. Ryan also owns several other highly successful businesses, including the social media profile aggregator Clyxo.

In this episode, Ryan joins host Steven Thomas Kent to talk about how attorneys can improve their sales technique, get more leads and referrals, and create follow-up processes that let no lead go to waste.

Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to check back for another episode in two weeks!

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