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We’re Looking for New Content Writers — Here’s How to Apply

Apply to Become a Content Writer

Fill out this quick form with the required info, and we’ll review your materials as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in writing for LaFleur! 

Here’s What We Need From You:

  • A Pleasant Introduction
    Tell us how you discovered LaFleur, what your top qualities are as a writer, what your availability is like, and anything else you think is noteworthy about yourself. Please attach your introduction as a PDF.
  • Your Resume
    Please attach a PDF of your most current resume.
  • An Original Writing Sample
    Please attach a PDF of an original writing sample. What counts as original? We’d like to see original work that you created and that no one else has edited. You don’t need to write something brand new just for this application — that would be ludicrous.

Why Write for LaFleur?

We are always on the lookout for uniquely qualified and experienced writers who are interested in freelance, part-time, or even full-time work. Why write for LaFleur? Here are just a few great reasons:

You’ll get to collaborate with experts to help hone your craft

We truly value our writers and appreciate their hard work

We offer flexible work arrangements and competitive pay

You’ll get experience in content marketing, SEO, and other digital marketing strategies

Fringe benefits: Swag, professional references, the occasional hilarious meme, and more!

What Kind of Writing Does LaFleur Do?

At LaFleur, we develop original content for a wide array of purposes:

Blog Articles

Press Releases




Email Campaigns

Promotional Materials

Branding Assets

Video Scripts

Search Engine Optimization

If you’ve got unique expertise in a particular type of copywriting, let us know!

We Create Content for Law Firms, Healthcare Organizations, and Growing Businesses

We have a wide range of clients in the legal industry who need content related to personal injury, family law, estate planning, contracts, tax law, and other interesting topics.
Our healthcare clients range from solo practitioners to multi-county medical groups. Topics include everything from general health and wellness to changes in federal law — and just about everything in between.

LaFleur also writes content for a variety of different businesses. Cloud computing specialists, cannabis growers, investment firms, and many others are among our business clients.

Interested in Having a Conversation? We Are Too!

We appreciate your interest in LaFleur, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Simply complete the application above, and we’ll be in touch.