Digital and data security in a work-from-anywhere world

As a business owner, I try to closely monitor threats to my organization. I’m sure you do as well. One of the biggest threats we’re seeing as we’ve shifted to remote work is related to the security gaps that remote work creates.

To help us address those risks and others, I will be co-hosting a panel with IT and cybersecurity leaders including Dirk Arends, President of Virtual Systems, and Scott Dresen, CTO of Spectrum Health. The panel will be moderated by Andy Johnston from the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

We’ll be answering questions live, and plan on covering topics including:

  • Current trends in cybersecurity
  • Digital security and data management best practices
  • How to protect your sensitive data, with a focus on the legal and healthcare industries
  • Employee training challenges

Even in a “normal“ environment, malicious actors target our organizations and data. We’ve seen ample evidence that these attacks are increasing and becoming more effective as organizations respond to our current working conditions.

If your employees are connecting from consumer-grade routers at home and using their personal equipment (like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops), you’ve created an environment that is ripe for a data breach. Our panel will discuss proactive ways you can fight back.

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