A holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization

A holistic approach to Search Engine Optimization

If you browse our list of digital marketing services here at LaFleur, you might notice that we don’t list search engine optimization (SEO) as one of them. Why don’t we offer SEO services when so many digital marketing agencies do?

Well, the answer is that we do offer SEO services — they’re just wrapped throughout everything we do. And in truth, offering SEO as a standalone service shows limited knowledge of what SEO really means — or, even worse, a desire to willfully deceive potential clients who don’t have a deep understanding of SEO.

To learn more about SEO and why it doesn’t make sense to treat SEO as a siloed, standalone service, visit our blog.

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You don’t want to waste your marketing budget on tactics that don’t work. Many of our clients come to us after becoming disillusioned with other marketing agencies who sunk their money into ineffective strategies or lined their pockets. LaFleur believes that every law firm deserves honest advice, an agile marketing plan that adjusts to your evolving needs, and visibility into the plan’s performance. We learn from every tactic and initiative, whether it delivers results or fails, and we’ve helped firms across the United States find marketing success.

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