Unsure where your advertising budgets are going?

Your firm deserves better.

Are you ready to uncover your marketing ROI?

Our data-driven advertising experts can audit your campaigns and give you practical advice.

Social media and email campaigns can feel like a black hole. Your law firm pours money into its budgets, but you can’t tell where it went, if your campaigns are working, or how you could improve their performance.

It’s no wonder that many attorneys are hesitant to invest in these advertising options. 

LaFleur can show you a different, smarter approach.

Marketing campaigns that are transparent and agile

Many lawyers are skeptical about the value of email campaigns, social media marketing, and other lead nurturing strategies. We get it—especially if you’ve been burned by slap-dash social media advertising or cookie-cutter email campaigns in the past. 

However, you shouldn’t believe the cynics who claim that email automation and social media are a waste of time and money. 

LaFleur’s PPC experts take a different approach. We apply a AAA process to everything we do:


We review your PPC campaigns’ performance and collect insights.


 Based on our findings, we’ll refine our tactics to improve their performance.


 As your campaigns build momentum, we’ll continually track their performance and make ongoing improvements.

At every step, we will consistently communicate with your law firm, giving you unparalleled transparency into your campaigns performance and ROIYou’ll get clear recommendations, monthly reporting and insights, and detailed invoices. (And if you still have questions or concerns, our team will explain it all to you in plain English.) 

We combine data and a human-centered approach to get results

We’re passionate about both data and content at LaFleur. Our team tracks KPIs (key performance indicators) with nerdy, gleeful abandon. But we also believe that compelling, human-centered content is essential to a campaign’s success. That’s why we’re big fans of social media and email marketing.  

Our team can target your audience with precision, speaking precisely to them and their needs. And, with a little help from a powerful CRM, we can track individuals’ engagement with your brand and their progress down your marketing funnel. 

Combined, this transparency and customization lets you reach your ideal leads, maximize your budgets, and improve your campaigns using data instead of intuition. 

Get real transparency with LaFleur.

From the start, LaFleur has helped law firms become marketing successes. Our mission is to connect good lawyers with their ideal clients, and we work tirelessly to help firms like yours succeed. We’re proud of our work and are committed to transparency, data-driven methods, and long-term partnerships with our clients. If you’d like to learn more about our process and philosophy, call us at (888) 222-1512 or complete the form below.