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Nurture your leads and build stronger client relationships

Create deeper relationships and build trust in less time

Does your firm spend too much time chasing potential clients? While it’s worth investing your resources into five-star leads, you can make the process more efficient with automation, email campaigns, and video follow-up. At LaFleur, we use automation, world-class content, and our expertise to build stronger relationships, efficiently.

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Where We Help

How we nurture law firm leads and referral sources


Respond quickly to queries and anticipate your leads’ most common questions with automated systems. Our team develops campaigns that build trust and offer a polished experience from day one. 

Email campaigns

Email is one of the most personal ways to communicate online—you’re sending someone a targeted message. However, too many email campaigns are sterile and impersonal, or spammy and unrefined. We shatter expectations by building email campaigns that are empathetic, engaging, and informative. 

Video follow-ups

Video brings your messaging to life. We can embed video into your email campaigns, making them more engaging and memorable. Our team of talented producers, automation experts, and strategists can show you how. 

Case study for law firm digital marketing service

Gray Institute®  experienced a 43.15% open rate and a 9.73% click-through rate for a recent email campaign—more than double the average open rate and more than triple the average click-through rate.


How We Help

Campaigns that are empathetic and client-focused

Data-driven strategies

Automation should make your lives easier, not cause headaches. As a SharpSpring Platinum Partner, we can ensure that your campaigns and lists are built for success. We also carefully monitor our clients’ campaigns and make changes to improve their performance.

Empathetic content

The best email and lead nurturing campaigns speak directly to your clients’ pain points and provide meaningful answers. Our team of writers is obsessed with your clients, their needs, and using automated tools to reach them with your message. This results in more opened emails and higher engagement.

Eye-catching design

No one wants a boring email or lead nurturing campaign. Our design team creates graphics, videos, and templates that are delightful and on-brand. You’ll love our customized approach and creative visuals. And you’ll be able to provide your input and perspective throughout the process—ensuring that your campaigns reflect your mission and values.

Find out how LaFleur can get you better leads, higher-value clients, and increased brand awareness.

Partnering with LaFleur was a smart decision for our firm. The team is knowledgeable, transparent, and easy to work with. They care about building a relationship with the client, and they communicate with us daily which is extremely helpful because digital marketing constantly changes. No task is too big or too small. Their business-relationship model is one that every business should strive to achieve. They've been a huge asset to our firm and the growth that we've had over the last year.

Whitney Cadwell, Andy Citrin Injury Attorneys

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