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Consumers digest information in ever-increasingly diverse ways. To remain competitive and relevant in the digital age, firms need to produce and promote content in a wide variety of forms. Along with content marketing and e-mail marketing, creating quality video content for your firm is crucial for maximizing lead generation and promoting your brand.


Many firms are hesitant to pursue video content as a marketing option because it is prohibitively expensive. At LaFleur Legal Marketing, we have extensive in-house technology resources as well as skilled and experienced staff who can plan, shoot, edit, broadcast, and promote high-quality video content for your firm. We also offer technology consultations as well as setup and installations so you can produce your own video. At LaFleur Legal Marketing, we offer all of our comprehensive production services at a reasonable price to make video content creation practicable and sustainable for our clients.

Video can be used in many ways to generate new leads, to strengthen your relationship with potential and current clients, and to help establish and promote the credibility and preeminence of your firm. Below are just a few of the ways in which LaFleur Legal Marketing has put our video production services to work for other law firms:

Frequently Asked Questions

Page-Video-FAQsFrom writing scripts to adding professional post-production effects, we have worked with firms to create short video clips to answer questions for clients as well as the general public. These videos have been used in a range of ways: on a firm’s website to draw in traffic, in e-mail marketing campaigns to address legal issues that are relevant to a particular group’s interests, in a welcome packet to provide new clients with information about what to expect as their case progresses, and more.

Client Testimonials

PrintPositive client feedback and testimonials are a cornerstone for establishing trust in your firm and attracting new leads. In addition to providing tutorial videos for providing feedback on review sites that can be e-mailed to clients after their cases are concluded, we have recorded testimonials from former clients that can be used in a variety of ways to market your firm.

Office Tours

Creating a video tour of your office can be a practical and effective way to introduce potential and current clients to your operations and establish a sense of familiarity with them. When integrated with an overview of your mission, values, credentials, and services, a well-done office tour video can be an excellent promotional tool.

Staff Profiles

Whether your firm prefers to convey a more personable and family-like image or one that is more professional and corporate, video profiles of your attorneys and/or staff members can help advance your image while simultaneously building the relationship between you and your potential clients.

With LaFleur Legal Marketing’s personnel and resources, the possibilities for creating and using video content are nearly limitless. From webinars to weekly video blog entries, we can make high-quality video that you and your target audience will appreciate. To discuss how you can start putting top-notch video content to use at your firm, call LaFleur Legal Marketing at 888-222-1512.

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