Personalized marketing has become an expectation in today’s digital marketing arena. Agencies like LaFleur Legal Marketing have been able to build huge databases that catalogue not just potential clients or customers’ contact information, but also their preferences, browsing behavior, demographic information, and much more. With this data, it’s possible to craft messages that are much more personalized and that will resonate with the individual who’s interested in your services or product.

Today, we have the tools available to provide an outstanding user experience for every potential client from their very first interaction. Marketing automation helps you increase your reach exponentially while retaining the personalization and attention that each client and potential client expects and deserves.

Here’s how it works.

Marketing automation flowchart

A potential client visits your website – that individual could arrive via an ad, organic search, your social media feed, word of mouth, or another source. While on your site, he or she visits a page about product liability. On that page, visitors are able to sign up for an offer (like receiving a free e-book, a free download, a bumper sticker, your book, etc.) by filling out a custom-designed form. Often, that form requests their name and their e-mail address.

Once a potential client has filled out a form on your site, the possibilities for lead nurturing through marketing automation are virtually limitless.

Marketing Automation at a Glance

Below are some of the key marketing automation strategies that LaFleur Legal Marketing uses.

E-mail Marketing Automation

LaFleur Legal Marketing will work with your firm to develop e-mail campaigns centered around specific services or products that are likely to both benefit from e-mail marketing and increase your bottom line. Our team will then craft a series of e-mails that can be sent out in sequence to individual users. For the potential client who showed interest in product liability, for example, we would send the information they requested – like an e-book – in an initial e-mail. A week later, we could send an e-mail about product liability and the statute of limitations. Two weeks later, we can send them an e-mail about consumer rights. Three weeks later, we could send them the story of a case your firm handled particularly well. These messages will all be designed to build a relationship between your firm and the potential client, keep you in the forefront of their minds, and establish trust and credibility.

But it’s not just the subject matter of the e-mail that will draw potential clients to you. Every message we send addresses the end user by name. We can design e-mails that are professional and formal, or we can even make it look like it came directly from your personal inbox if that makes sense for your brand. We can send e-mails monthly, weekly, daily, or at any other interval. And once the e-mails for a campaign are created, they can be used repeatedly for any number of people who sign up.

Additionally, by tracking browsing behavior (discussed below), we can continually update and modify the e-mail messaging sent to an individual as their preferences and needs become clearer. For example, if that same potential client comes back to your site and visits several pages related to the GM product recalls, this action can trigger a follow-up e-mail that talks specifically about GM’s product recalls, what the most recent developments are, and their rights as a consumer.

Of course, the messaging would be different if the user visited a different page or set of pages, and the content, messaging, design, and adaptability of e-mails can all be customized to perfectly suit your firm’s – and your potential clients’ – needs.

Tracking Browsing Behavior

After capturing contact information for potential clients, our powerful analytics software can track their browsing behavior on your site as well as in their inbox. Using customizable lead scoring parameters, we can update a potential client’s information to more accurately target their needs and interests and thus send them more relevant e-mails.

But the powerful marketing automation tools that LaFleur Legal Marketing has at our disposal also allow us to make your website display messaging specifically crafted for groups or individuals. This messaging can lead them to more relevant, useful information on your site. It can encourage them to take action – like submitting the details of their situation for a case review. Or it can simply customize their experience to continue building trust and cementing their relationship with your firm.

Along with providing personalized communications for your potential clients, marketing automation helps you understand who your audience is to a greater degree than what has previously been possible.

Browsing data from a user who fills out a form or who receives and clicks on an e-mail through the LaFleur Legal Marketing system is not just tracked from the moment a form is completed – previous visits to the site are also retroactively logged, providing us with valuable insight into the path a user followed to find your site and what pages they looked at before they filled out your web form.

Furthermore, responses to both e-mail campaigns and individual e-mails are tracked and logged in the system. This means we can determine what e-mails are most effective and which e-mails can be improved to optimize their effectiveness.

As more people engage with your site and your firm, more data can be collected and analyzed to determine trends and help guide the customization of individual elements in your marketing automation strategy – like page structure, e-mail messaging, design, lead scoring parameters, and more.

And these same tools and strategies can also be applied to current and former clients to create the kind of positive, personal experience that builds trust, keeps you in the minds of your client base, and helps maximize word-of-mouth advertising.

Ultimately, marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool that will help your firm achieve a scalability that goes well beyond the size of your existing operations. Our systems will provide your team with the ability to reach larger and larger audiences, helping you to exponentially grow your circle of influence.

On the most basic level, marketing automation allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with thousands of people at a time.  As a result, marketing automation drives a 451% increase* in qualified leads for businesses.

451% increase in qualified leads using marketing automation

To speak with one of LaFleur Legal Marketing’s marketing automation strategists, call 888-222-1512. We’ll help you understand how marketing automation can increase your business and work with you to develop a customized strategy for your firm.



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