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Social Media is a necessary component of any modern business’ marketing strategy. Not too long ago, social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more – were viewed with a wary eye by most legal firms and many other organizations. Engaging openly in an unmoderated community space seemed like an open invitation for inflammatory arguments about sensitive subjects, possible security risks, misusing the company brand, and wasting valuable company time.

At LaFleur Legal Marketing, we understand how to navigate the sometimes fraught social media landscape and how to create social media marketing plans that not only align with what is current and trending, but that also align with your brand and your firm’s goals. We share ideas, stories, and information that are relevant, that integrate with and advance our other marketing efforts (like your website content and SEO), and that ultimately help bring more clients to your door.

We’re also comfortable admitting that although having an active social media presence is integral to marketing efforts, it’s unlikely to result in a thousand new clients barging into your office. Anyone who tries to tell you that lacks a basic understanding of how social media works as part of an integrated marketing strategy. What an engaging, vibrant social media presence will do, however, is help to build and strengthen the relationship between you, your followers, and their social circles. On the most fundamental level, social media is a tool for conversation, and social media platforms exists to facilitate communication – even to those who are outside of your traditional marketing networks. That’s what’s so powerful about it.

Our social media marketing services begin with LaFleur Legal Marketing working diligently to understand your firm, your employees, and your clientele. We then apply our knowledge, skills, and experience with social media management to actively represent you and your interests on different social media platforms in a truthful, honest, professional way that reflects the experience clients can expect while working with your team.

Our content creators will work closely with your team to develop a better understanding of your firm by scheduling meetings, learning about your values and expertise, researching the location of your business and the surrounding community, etc. Utilizing RSS feeds like Google Alerts and Feedly and creating customized areas of focus that make sense for your firm are some of the methods we employ to gather potential ideas for posts on your social media sites. We pay attention to what’s trending in your area(s) of focus and your immediate community.

Next, we can create videos, write blog posts, pose questions, design infographics, post facts, poll your followers, share compelling stories, or create other timely and relevant social media content. Once the posts have gone live, we monitor, quantify, and analyze popularity, shares, audience, competition, and other metrics. Using that data, we can respond to inquiries and ultimately lead interested parties to your law office, whether directly or by funneling traffic though other marketing workflows. We also monitor any potential security issues and screen posts to avoid problems with client confidentiality.

When you work with LaFleur Legal Marketing, we will develop and implement tailor-made marketing strategies for each individual social media site you choose to utilize. Each platform, from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and others, has its own culture and rules. We take the guesswork out of what platforms to use and how to monopolize on their strengths and demographics. Below is a list of a few prominent social media sites and a brief overview of some of the tested and successful marketing techniques LaFleur Legal Marketing uses for each.

LinkedIn: This platform often makes the most sense as an entry point into social media for legal firms. Billed as a “professional network,” LinkedIn’s value primarily lies in connecting with other firms and those who are looking to do business. On this platform, LaFleur Legal Marketing implements strategies to (1) keep you in touch with and contribute to what’s happening in your area(s) of expertise and (2) allow you to showcase the skills, talents, and accomplishments of the attorneys (and other staff members) in your firm. We can also help create informative, professional biographies for your staff and connect those to your company page, which we can also optimize. Posts for LinkedIn will often focus on nurturing relationships with past clients, building relationships with prospects, and highlighting your firm as a thought leader in your practice area(s).

Facebook: While Facebook, on the surface, can seem too personal for many law firms, it’s an incredible way to quickly and easily reach a massive audience. With over 1.23 billion monthly active users, it’s not a platform to ignore. For many potential clients, Facebook is part of their everyday life; turning to this social media site to seek out information about legal issues or even to find legal representation is a relatively frequent occurrence – especially if your firm is part of their regular Facebook experience. On the organizational level, getting “likes” is wonderful, but primary goals for law firms using Facebook should include promoting your brand and fostering community engagement. For example, lawyers are often hired based on trust, and your Facebook page should convey this; posts to help establish trust and credibility can include information about your prominent cases, community involvement, charitable contributions, and employees’ passions and notable achievements. To encourage active involvement and engagement, posts can focus on humanizing your firm, marketing to potential clients, encouraging past clients to share their stories, and creating the perception that you are a real, live, breathing presence.

Twitter:  With its trademark 140 character limit, Twitter provides a quick, concise way to share your story with a vast audience. Twitter also provides an easy way to follow colleagues, clients (potential, current, and former), and others while also responding to news and events in real time. While other social media platforms can accomplish this, Twitter especially creates opportunities to seize upon current events to promote your brand, generate publicity, and increase your audience. Twitter also provides your audience with a glance into the daily life of a brand or even an individual; it can be utilized to shape how others see you and/or your firm as you share a recent blog post, post an update about a case’s status, or promote an upcoming event. LaFleur Legal Marketing can write posts on your behalf, your attorneys’ behalves, and your firm’s behalf to engage interested parties in your area(s) of expertise and promote your brand. LaFleur Legal Marketing also regularly monitors tweets that may lead to signing on a new client since many people post their frustrations and legal questions to the Twittersphere – and you should be the first to respond.

YouTube: While not traditionally thought of as a social media site, in 2014, YouTube accounted for 14.0 % of all internet traffic. As a media form, video is crucial for modern marketing because visual storytelling is so compelling and accessible. Creating shareable and easily-accessible video featuring your firm’s marketable characteristics like knowledge, experience, or customer satisfaction can have a powerful and intrinsic emotional impact on viewers. Video also allows you to explain, in your own words, complex issues simply and directly, which makes you more accessible to prospective clients. LaFleur Legal Marketing will work with you to create videos that represent what your firm stands for while also providing useful and interesting information. We will also optimize the design and impact of your YouTube channel to increase your video traffic.

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and new platforms are continually emerging online. We strive to consistently find new opportunities for our clients, whether that is on well-established or up-and-coming platforms. In the end, social media is about engagement and active communication. We can keep the conversation going for you. To speak with one of LaFleur Legal Marketing’s experts about managing your social media presence and integrating social media into a larger marketing strategy, call 888-222-1512 today.

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