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The standard approach of marketing firms and advertising agencies since their inception has been to drive interested parties to their clients’ businesses and then hand off those leads to the business itself to sign the contract, sell the product, or close the deal. With the advent of analytics and marketing automation, that model is inadequate. In a new landscape of information sharing and proliferation as well as constant, instantaneous contact, marketing and advertising organizations need to not only drive leads, but also build automated processes to help nurture and strengthen the relationship between a company and the leads that are generated.

At LaFleur Marketing, we work closely with our clients to build systems and processes that deliver customized, personalized content to your leads. We do this by first capturing leads using one of many lead generation tactics and then sorting those leads into lists that indicate their origin and primary area of interest. We create content that will be sent to those lists based on individual users’ timelines. So instead of sending out the same e-mail to thousands of users, we send out a customized email after a potential client signs up. That e-mail has a direct, personal greeting that includes the user’s name and any other relevant details. Then, a few days or weeks later, depending on the campaign, we send another e-mail, again addressing the specific issue that drew the lead to your firm in the first place and again in a personalized manner – so the content appears as if it were written specifically for that individual.

What we have found (and that numerous studies support) is that potential clients who receive personalized communications addressing the issues that drew them to you in the first place become spokespeople for your brand and your practice. They not only become clients when they have a need for your services, but they become excellent referral sources. Through these contacts, you grow the reputation of your practice and broadcast your expertise to a wider audience than you would reach through word of mouth alone.

We use a variety of tools to help law firms accomplish this, starting with various marketing automation tools that allow us to manage lists, customize content by recipient, and even customize an individual user’s experience on your website. When all of your communications with a client or potential client show consistent messaging and address his or her specific needs, that person’s trust in your firm grows exponentially and you become the obvious choice when a client needs your services.

A considerable amount of work has gone into creating these systems and the content that populates them, and much of it has already been implemented and tested. This means your firm can benefit from the labor and test results that have already been compiled when we created and implemented these processes in the first place. Of course, all the content is infinitely customizable for your firm’s particular needs. And unlike many other marketing agencies, we let our clients keep all the content, lists, and messaging – even if they decide that they no longer need our services.

If you want to start growing your pool of brand ambassadors and start building your own referral network with our lead cultivation processes, call LaFleur Marketing at 888-222-1512 today.

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