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On some level, every e-mail sent with your firm’s name on it could be considered part of your e-mail marketing strategy; although we don’t often think about it, the recipient of any e-mail you send will see details about your firm, even if it’s only your automatic signature line or the @yourfirm address from which the email is sent.

Defined more narrowly, e-mail marketing involves the use of e-mail to cultivate new leads, to develop rapport and trust, and to encourage new and repeat business, but when people hear the term “e-mail marketing,” many of them instantly think of the constant stream of advertising e-mails sent to their inbox that they delete without even reading. However, well-crafted, personalized, and targeted e-mails are an indispensable tool for converting potential clients, especially when paired with powerful, proven marketing automation strategies.

At LaFleur Marketing, we know that one of the most important techniques for maximizing conversions through e-mail marketing is by targeting specific audiences with specific content catered to their individual needs and interests. For example, below are some of the broad groups that your contact base can be broken down into and some of the types of e-mail marketing content that LaFleur marketing can create and distribute to them:

The demographic and need/interest diversity among potential clients is too varied to meaningfully market to them as one large group – this is the reason most people don’t even bother to open e-mails from vendors; e-mails that are trying to reach too many people are diffuse and ineffective. At LaFleur Marketing, we have the ability to track potential clients’ activity on your website (how they arrived on your site, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, and more). We can then incentivize them to provide their contact information with compelling content marketing materials such as e-books. Using all that information, we can make clear and accurate determinations about at type of e-mail content best applies to their potential needs.

For example, a potential client may visit your website after having found you in search. They may visit several pages on your site, many of which are related to a particular practice area. They may then provide their e-mail address in order to receive a particular e-book related to that same practice area.

After they have volunteered their contact information, we can then use any number of e-mail marketing techniques to convert that potential client into an actual client. We can update their database record with a customized field to indicate their interest in a particular practice area and send content-specific e-mails to that individual as well as the group of potential clients with similar interests. We can use powerful marketing automation strategies to put that client into a specific workflow to receive a set of e-mails related to their interest in a specific order, regardless of when they first enter the system. We can create customized lead scoring parameters based on what actions potential clients take on your website, what e-mails they open, how long they have been in the database, etc., and we can then send targeted e-mails to the individuals who are most active or who meet certain criteria; we can even send a list of potential clients to your firm so you can personally follow up with them. The possibilities for targeted e-mail marketing are nearly limitless and infinitely customizable when you work with LaFleur Marketing.


Potential clients aren’t the only individuals you’ll want to be marketing to, however. When you take on new clients, you want them to feel like they are getting the help, attention, and service that they need. You also want to build trust with new clients and instill confidence in your firm. Creating that sense of contact, trust, and confidence requires different e-mail marketing approaches, and it requires the customizability that LaFleur Marketing offers. Once a potential client becomes an actual client, we can end any or all previous e-mail marketing workflows and start sending new e-mails that pertain to their specific type of case; to the stage in the legal process that their case is progressing through; to the particular qualifications, resources, skills, staff, or other benefits that your firm has to offer; and anything else that you want to communicate to your current clients.

As part of our intake optimization and marketing automation services, we can even schedule automatic, personalized e-mails to be sent to new clients in a particular sequence and that include e-mails like reminders about things that they should be doing to expedite their case, checklists for meetings with attorneys or different parts of their case, and other things that normally require individual attention and follow up from your staff. We can work with you to find the tasks and routines that you and your staff spend unnecessary time on and then create automation workflows that incorporate those tasks and routines so you and your staff can focus on more important things. These e-mails can even look exactly like they came from your inbox (or anyone else at your firm’s) if you want them to.

Many of the firms we are working with express how important their former clients are for their business. Whether through word-of-mouth advertising, offering publishable testimonials, providing online reviews, taking exit surveys, or any number of other services, former clients are an integral part of your practice – and you don’t want your contact with them to end when their legal matter is resolved. With customizable groups, we can send specific e-mails just to former clients. We can encourage them to come back to your website to view compelling and informative content marketing materials posted there. We can write and send electronic newsletters regularly to provide updates about your firm, your services, or relevant information about the legal profession. We can set up automations to provide tutorials and encourage them to leave reviews for your firm. Regular, targeted, and personalized contact with your former clients can keep you in the forefront of their minds, and e-mail marketing is the best tool with which to accomplish that.

Many of the firms we work with also have close relationships with other lawyers, other firms, legal organizations, and/or media outlets. The e-mails you send to these groups are often going to be very different from the e-mails you would send to former clients. And even though you aren’t directly marketing to organizations like other law firms, the e-mails you send make a statement about you and your firm. Maintaining contact with different individuals and outside organizations through newsletters, summaries of recent case results, commenting on important legal or cultural issues, etc. can help keep your firm’s name in circulation and help draw in more clients.

Of course, even if an e-mail gets to the right person, it still needs to be well crafted and personalized to maximize the potential for generating new business. The same level of care and effort we put in to writing content marketing materials goes into writing e-mails, and we use a variety of strategies to stimulate conversion through e-mail marketing efforts. From drawing people in to the existing conversion structure on your website to encouraging direct action, we draw on current and well-known psychological and marketing research to create personalized e-mail content that gets results.

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