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You built your business around the principles that are important to you. The processes you have put into place reflect the elements that carry the highest degree of importance to you and your practice. We take into account your goals and existing infrastructure, improving what we can and introducing systems that will help increase efficiency and track-ability.

So how does the marketing piece fit into that puzzle? And should that piece stand on its own, or integrate into the greater picture?


We strongly believe that your marketing should not just reflect the personality of your business, it should function as an extension and arm of your business with a unified purpose.

We created LaFleur Legal Marketing after seeing countless marketing agencies approach clients with the intention of finding as many services as possible to bill for.

We take a different approach, and we believe you will quickly see the difference.

  1. Transparency: Our project management is visible to our clients so that they can see at a milestone and task level what is being done for their project at a given time. We never get the question, “What is this invoice for?” because our clients are involved and aware of what we’re doing at any given time.
  2. Accountability: We take ownership of every project we work on. We don’t  believe in excuses, only opportunities to help our clients improve. If we are driving traffic and building leads, but those leads are not converting to become clients, our  work is not done. Do we need to work with your intake personnel to help them convert more callers to clients? Engage a system that records calls to grade intake responses? Our work is not done until we have helped you grow your business, not just drive more traffic.
  3. Measuring Success: Our engagement with a firm goes beyond reporting progress in terms of conversions, clicks, or impressions. We create the means to track on a macro and micro level.
  4. Calculable Return on Marketing Investment: We report traffic and number of leads generated, but more importantly, we provide you with the means to associate individual leads with signed clients. Then we help you calculate a legitimate cost per lead, cost per conversion, and cost per client, so you can calculate a realistic return on your marketing investment.

We’ve built our business around helping you build yours, and that means that we first need to get to know how your business operates, what’s important to you, what staffing resources you have, and where your strengths lie.

We build on the strengths you bring to the table, and help you improve areas that need it.

So when you’re ready to take a holistic approach toward growing your practice, fill out the form on this page, or give us a call at 888-222-1512.

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