Call Tracking, Number Acquisition, and More

Historically, most law firms have considered lead generation as a short-term process focused on inbound phone calls. Unfortunately, inbound calls are a challenging lead source to track, especially if those calls are routed to an established phone number. Because making the phones ring remains a central goal for many law firms, however, we design our systems to capture as much data as possible related to inbound calls, and we use online marketing strategies to increase call volume.

For example, we can implement call tracking using unique numbers so it’s possible to accurately identify exactly where certain callers found your firm’s information or calculate the ROI of a specific strategy — like a pay-per-click campaign.

We can even help you acquire new toll-free and/or local numbers that are memorable and/or related to your practice. Numbers like these are easy for potential clients to remember and can become an integral part of larger branding and marketing strategies.

Some firms already have well-established vanity or local numbers. In those cases, we work together with in-house staff to capture lead information with simple forms and other user-friendly tools.

In addition to call tracking, we recognize inbound calls as an often-overlooked opportunity to build your marketing database, which is why we can help your staff gather contact information for potential clients, regardless of whether or not a client is a good fit at the time they first call your firm. By retaining their contact information, you can build an ongoing relationship with them using marketing automation tools. This will keep you in the forefront of their minds if they (or their friends or family members) require your services in the future.

Inbound calls are the most desired type of lead for many law firms. With that in mind, digital marketing as well as public and media relations strategies are used to not only increase the number, but also the quality of those calls. The tactics we use to generate these calls vary according to the specific goals of a campaign, but a broad list of effective, proven strategies can be found on our lead generation page.

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