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Branding: Overlooked, Underappreciated 

Branding is the outward-facing aesthetic of your company’s voice, tone, mission, and core values. It is more than a logo. It is more than an elevator pitch. It is more than a color palette, and it is definitely more than a business card. It is the collective sum of your organization’s parts and should be reflected holistically throughout every facet of your company – lead generation and sales, marketing strategy, daily operations, and even your professional development – in order to increase brand awareness and maintain brand retention.

When considering your company’s branding, you should take into account the verbal, visual, and emotional components of your messaging. Branding is often the first thing that a potential customer will take into account when considering you for their business, and it is what will stick with them long after your working relationship has ended, which could subsequently lead to several great referrals.

SWOT Analysis

When we onboard new clients, the very first thing we do is conduct a SWOT analysis to determine a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In doing so, we urge everyone to be honest and forthcoming. We need to ask the right people the right questions to highlight any gaps between performance and expectations, between requirements and capacity, and between investment and return.

Some of the questions we ask might feel impertinent or have inconvenient answers, but that’s okay. Without this fundamental information, we have no foundation on which to build your brand. And there’s no sense in hiring us to help you rebrand your current positioning unless we are willing to work together to create effective solutions to unwieldy problems.

Once those questions have been answered, we’re on our way to developing an effective, engaging brand campaign that will position your company as an attractive option for future clients. From here, we can begin structuring a results-oriented content strategy.

Building Materials

Depending on your unique needs, we will develop a strategy document that clearly outlines our plan to improve your company’s brand through a variety of assets, including elements of design, development, social, and copywriting.

  • Design: As part of a seamless, comprehensive branding strategy, we will work with your team to create a new color palette that will attract new clients and reengage your existing base. We will use this palette to augment your existing visuals or create entirely new ones.
  • Development: Our developers will work with our designers and your executive team members to code and launch your new website, create dedicated landing pages to complement your digital marketing campaigns, and build, manage, and optimize your pay-per-click campaign(s).
  • Social: Social media provides the unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with your client base to establish your brand on an international scale. Most marketing firms will gladly manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts, but we work to develop and expand your brand on more professional sites as well, including Yelp, LinkedIn, and Avvo.
  • Copy: Our talented, qualified copywriters use their knowledge, skill, and intuition to create fresh, compelling content for national and international brands. Drawing from diverse experience in media and marketing, they consistently deliver outstanding website copy, blog content, emails, slogans, ad scripts, elevator pitches, and more both online and in print.

Of course, not everyone is in need of a comprehensive rebranding overhaul, but while we are definitely willing to work in an “a la carte” fashion, we would recommend a holistic strategy that coordinates the myriad elements of your messaging in a seamless manner. Either way, if you are interested in elevating your branding efforts, please fill out the form on this page or give us a call at (888) 222-1512.

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