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Phelan Petty Generates 74 New Leads in First Year With LaFleur

Phelan Petty, PLC - Legal - Richmond, VA

Discover how LaFleur improved Phelan Petty’s tracked leads, social media engagement, and organic search rankings through targeted digital marketing strategies.

History of Phelan Petty and LaFleur’s Partnership

The attorneys at Phelan Petty had garnered plenty of respect and recognition among their peers and clients for their sophisticated methodology and client-centered approach. The Phelan Petty team has a reputation for their ability to take on the most complex cases with determination and scientific precision.

However, as the firm grew and evolved, the partners at Phelan Petty realized that their website was outdated and that they needed to reassess their marketing strategies. To rethink their website’s user experience and reach more potential clients, Phelan Petty contacted LaFleur.

The LaFleur team analyzed Phelan Petty’s marketing performance and compared it to their top competitors. Based on this data and Phelan Petty’s long-term goals, we identified key growth areas and worked with the firm to improve the content, design, and user experience on their website. We also devised carefully targeted Facebook campaigns designed to reach Phelan Petty’s target audience at a minimal cost.

Phelan Petty Sees Compelling Results in First Year

After we improved Phelan Petty’s website and launched their new social media campaigns, the firm began seeing benefits quickly. Results within the first year included:


tracked leads driven by digital marketing


increase in total traffic driven by Facebook campaigns


paid per person reached by Facebook campaigns


increase in average time on site

“Phelan Petty has a unique value proposition, and they make a remarkable impact on their community,” says LaFleur content specialist Amy Hinman. “We took a respected legal brand and helped it gain even more traction. It’s satisfying knowing that our work is helping both our clients and the Virginia accident victims they serve.”


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About the Client: Phelan Petty

Phelan Petty is a boutique Virginia law firm that represents individuals with complex injury claims. The team at Phelan Petty handles cases in practice areas such as medical malpractice, commercial truck crashes, and defective products.

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