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Will McDermott has spent his career working as a graphic designer, art director, creative director, and strategist. He has a remarkable talent for taking a business’ unique attributes and value and translating them into a cohesive and compelling brand.  

Will was born in Washington, D.C., and his passion for design came from his stepfather, who was also a graphic designer and worked long nights on government publications. However, he started his career in New York City. There, he worked as part of the design teams for Colgate-Palmolive, People magazine, Field & Stream magazine, Bath&BodyWorks, and Victoria’s Secret.  

He left corporate work and partnered with a friend to grow Kern+Lead; a studio focused on digital design and brand building. During this time, Will headed the company’s design team and developed his entrepreneurial skills while working with a diverse group of clients, including Levi’s, Humana, and the American Folk-Art Museum. 

After a decade in New York City, he moved to Grand Rapids and started his own agency. Will’s work focused on strategic development and visual storytelling, collaborating with companies like Diesel, Godiva, Deloitte, and Steelcase. 

Today, he works as part of the LaFleur team, developing our client’s brands and creating impactful marketing tactics. When he’s not crafting brands, Will can be found with his family, traveling the world, camping, or building things in his mid-mod home.