With 16 years of management and customer service experience, Sarah brings a highly empathetic attitude to identifying and understanding our team and client needs. Adding 5 years of marketing experience to that, Sarah brings a great deal of expertise and passion to our organization. Her experience with search engine optimization (SEO), public relations, client management, social media management, and website design make her an ideal fit for a Marketing Agency that is constantly adapting to an ever-changing digital landscape. She believes in a client-centered approach to building brands through high-quality, helpful content that stands out in sea of mediocre fluff. 

The LaFleur brand competes within an ecosystem of entrenched and equivocal digital marketing entities that broadcast a lot of talk but very little action. Sarah is passionate about telling our story of transparency and honest work. She believes that by providing relevant content backed by hard analytics, the community can make smart, data-driven decisions to benefit the future of their businesses. 

When she’s not working, Sarah likes to spend time with her husband, Chip (el presidente), her young, active, never-goes-to-bed son Lucien, and their newest addition, Leif. She is passionate about the outdoors; loves horseback riding, travel, and backpacking; and can’t help but become emotionally involved with a good book. She is more than slightly obsessed with medieval history and is still quite angry with Fox for canceling Firefly.