Pat Kose has built a career on being an effective and engaging communicator. After graduating from Grand Valley State University with a B.S. in advertising and public relations, he naturally chose to pursue a career in acting. After working in theatre and modeling gigs, he decided to get a real job where he could put his skills and college degree to good use in account management. 

Beginning in the glamourous world of custodial services, he began managing customer accounts for school systems and banks across the state of Michigan. From there, he transitioned to the even more glamourous world of podiatry, where he managed accounts for doctors from Oregon to Brooklyn and almost everywhere in between. While working with these doctors, he dove into the world of digital marketing to develop the skillset he continues to grow today. 

Pat has been told he can be a little competitive, something he not only brings to helping clients achieve their goals, but also to trivia games. If you have a random stat or a fun fact, he’d love to hear it. He is married and has a daughter, who (depending on who you ask) has him wrapped around her finger. His free time is spent planning his next vacation, looking for a good place to eat, and trying not to give up hope on the Detroit Lions and Tigers.