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Leigh Ebrom has had a lifelong love of writing, research, and storytelling. Always a curious child, a spark was lit when her first-grade teacher challenged her to research Phoenician trade routes and present her findings to the class. (Yes, she was that kid.) She now uses these skills to create insightful and entertaining content. Leigh earned a B.A. in International Relations at Michigan State University and a J.D. from Valparaiso University. She also studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, focusing on European nationalism, human migration, and international security issues.

While practicing disability-related law, she slowly transitioned to legal marketing and content development. After spending several years freelancing with national publishers and marketing companies, she joined the LaFleur team. Her goal is to not only attract new leads for clients, but to craft content that educates and empowers their audience. This is particularly important with highly-regulated and complex industries, such as law and healthcare.

In addition to her work at LaFleur, Leigh is the Chairperson of Stepping Stones Montessori’s Board of Trustees and a passionate advocate for Montessori education. She also loves travel, a good bottle of red wine, and live music — and tries to combine these interests as much as possible. She shares her adventures with her rambunctious son, mischievous dog, and infinitely patient husband.