The son of an Air Force lieutenant, Kyle McCarthy was born in Glendale, Arizona in 1984. After pit stops in Sembach, Germany and Alexandria, Louisiana, his family settled in Alma, Michigan – a small town boasting a prestigious liberal arts college located 45 miles north of Lansing – when he was just seven years old. It was around this time that he began writing short stories about his stuffed animals, and he has remained convinced of the power of narrative to illuminate the human experience ever since. 

After graduating with a degree in English from Central Michigan University in 2008, Kyle enrolled in the English Literature MA program at Grand Valley State University. His master’s thesis investigating the ideological confluence of Sir Thomas More and Walker Percy earned him high praise and a distinguished distinction from the university’s faculty.  

Following his academic achievements, Kyle began working as a copywriter and editor for a health and wellness startup in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In his role as lead content editor, he was able to diversify his skill set to include recognized certification in Google Analytics and Google AdWords as well as receive wealth of experience with automated marketing practices, newsletter creation, and e-publishing.   

Kyle is a versatile content strategist who has initiated and orchestrated several national marketing campaigns over the last few years. He recognizes that all facets of online and offline marketing should work together sustainably and scalably to unify brand messaging while allowing for creativity and innovation. He also likes spaghetti. He likes spaghetti more than you do.