Kristin Zuller is a designer, illustrator, and lettering artist. She loves to investigate how we create, what drives us to express ourselves, and how she can continue to elevate and refine her own processes.

A Grand Rapids, Michigan, native, Kristin attended Kendall College of Art and Design, where she studied visual communications. With over 15 years of experience in the marketing industry, she has worked in a range of different roles, from technical and detail-oriented production art and product creation to identity and brand building. She has also designed and illustrated print and digital pieces, worked on large-format lettering and murals, and created paper-cut three-dimensional art.

Kristin is in her sweet spot when she’s pushing boundaries and collaborating with peers on seemingly impossible challenges. Her boundless interest in subjects such as psychology, anthropology, cosmology, and history fuels her own art, which includes oil and watercolor paintings and pen illustrations. When she’s not sketching, solving a design problem, or researching creativity in the digital space, Kristin enjoys hugging trees and spending time with her family. She daydreams of one day raising bees and harvesting her own honey.