Falon Peters, aka keeper of tasks and facilitator of the facts, brings LaFleur project management to a whole new level with her organizational prowess. With over a decade of experience in print, digital, and product marketing, she is just the gal you need to talk with to get your program up and running and keep it fresh. Being a Jack (or should we say Jill) of all trades, Falon not only manages your project timeline and details, she also makes sure every piece of your marketing pie is fulfilling the goals we set out to achieve; she’s that rare breed that understands the value of data and the importance of giving her educated, creative opinion. Falon earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing from Grand Valley State University and has over 10 years of experience in the marketing project management field.     

When Falon isn’t making sure we’re all doing what we need to be doing, you’ll likely find her wrangling her four little boys at home or trying to catch a nap (can you blame her?). A few of her favorite things include Notre Dame sports, shopping, folk/soul music, serving her local community, and game nights with her family and friends.