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Emerson has nurtured an interest in computers and programming since high school, when he learned HTML and CSS in his spare time. He got an internship after graduating high school, which turned into his first full-time position as a front-end web developer. Later, Emerson transitioned to back-end software development and specialized in custom WordPress themes and plugins. More recently, he worked as a system administrator, creating and overseeing the building, automation, and hosting platforms of more than 120 WordPress sites. While working as a full-time developer, Emerson graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in computer information systems. 

Emerson has a passion for developing software and creating websites that showcase and markets clients’ unique strengths. He loves to help people and businesses solve challenging problems, and he also has an eye for finding and fixing inefficiencies in web development processes. 

In his spare time, Emerson likes to play music; he is currently brushing up on the piano fundamentals he learned as a kid. He also loves to spend time outdoors and regularly goes camping, hiking, and backpacking. Emerson also likes to give back to the developer community, most notably contributing code to official WordPress development tools and the Firefox web browser. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife.