David VandeWaa graduated from Hope College with a BA in History Education and English Education and received an MA in English Literature from Grand Valley State University. He spent over a decade teaching writing, literature, and history in high school and college classrooms (and still teaches an occasional night class at local universities). He has traveled extensively across Europe and the United States, has had his poetry and prose published in academic journals, and once spent a year working 6 different jobs and having 8 different bosses – because why not?

In 2011, he began applying his love of learning, relentless skepticism, and meticulous eye for detail to the digital marketing world. All things content-marketing related are a perfect match for his skills, knowledge, and expertise, and he even obtained a certification in search engine optimization (SEO) from the University of California, Davis, in 2016.

Known around the office as a “recreational Excel user,” Dave’s analytical skills range from building marketing automation workflows and crunching complex data to solving even the most obscure Office 365 and SharePoint issues. He also has a jar of #2 pencils on his desk and prefers bringing a notebook to meetings instead of a laptop.

With a wife, a young son, and two high-energy dogs, Dave still manages to find time for his favorite hobbies: working on his house, enjoying the outdoors, photography, gaming, close-up magic, and of course writing: he occasionally posts anecdotes and essays on his blog.