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Catherine Smyka has spent her career in project management. She grew up in Grand Rapids and graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications. She’s been working in the marketing and literary worlds ever since.

Catherine started her career as an audience services manager with a children’s theater in Chicago before she moved to the West Coast to pursue writing and events management. For several years, she worked as a marketing project manager with a Seattle newspaper. While there, she founded an LGBTQ arts and literary magazine with a great team of collaborators, and she had the chance to work with artists all over the world who wanted to share their stories. During her time in Seattle, Catherine also had the opportunity to begin storytelling with the NPR program The Moth and continues to work with The Moth today.

Her role with the newspaper led to a position with a local advertising agency, where she worked as an account manager and project manager on various national brands. Catherine joined the LaFleur team in January 2018, where she was delighted to find a group of incredibly talented folks who like puns as much as she does.

Outside the office, Catherine enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and running at least a few races a year. She lives in Grand Rapids with her greyhound, Stewart, and would love to talk to you about dogs.