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Becky Zobl has spent her career in marketing and operational organization, which means she definitely likes getting things done, but in a creative and efficient way.

After graduating from Grand Valley State University with her BS in Communications and Sociology, she started her career working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles. She soon returned to her Midwest roots, settling in Chicago for a few years to work at a law firm. She wore many hats there, but mostly kept everyone in the office in line. After moving back to Grand Rapids, Becky worked for a local non-profit and handled all their marketing functions, including planning and promoting a multi-week, city-wide festival they hold each year.

Her diverse experience in marketing has given her a strategic mindset, honed her eye for detail, and perfected her ability to keep projects moving forward. Becky loves finding more efficient ways to solve problems, and she is an expert at seeing things with a fresh set of eyes and developing insightful, creative ideas for making them better. She also takes pride in getting teammates to laugh at her quirky jokes.

Outside of work, Becky stays busy keeping track of her two young (and very active) boys, usually begging them and her husband to play more carefully and quietly. She also enjoys being outdoors, sewing, getting involved in the local community, spending time with family and friends, and indulging in too many sweets.