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“Legal Website Fundamentals: Improve Your Search Engine Optimization Today”

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“I have worked with LaFleur Marketing for several years and they are a great partner. They truly care about our client relationship; they are very responsive to questions, and they are good at de-mystifying the complex world of web-based marketing.”

— Tom Crosley

Improve Your Website’s SEO Today!

Law firms often struggle to get high-quality traffic to their website. In this ebook, the experts at LaFleur explain how to optimize your website pages to reach more — and better — clients for your law firm.

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What You’ll Get

This 18-page ebook covers the fundamentals of SEO in a straightforward, practical way, and it provides actionable insights you can use to update your website today — in less than 30 minutes. You’ll also learn:

Why SEO matters for your law firm and the types of keywords you should focus on

The absolute best single practice for search engine optimization

High-value, low-investment opportunities for optimizing your website today

Detailed guidance for writing content to attract your target audience and improve your rankings in search engines

Awesome, free tools for auditing web pages that our certified SEO specialists use every day

From Decision-Makers to Copywriters,
Everyone Needs to Know the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Whether you’re vetting an SEO agency or your website isn’t performing well, you need to know the fundamentals of SEO to succeed online. With this ebook, you’ll gain knowledge and insights you need to:

Make Smart, Informed Decisions About Your Website

SEO is more than just putting the right keywords in the right places. With an in-depth understanding of how SEO works, you can make intelligent decisions about all the work you do on your website — and offline.

Find Specific Areas of Your Site to Improve

This ebook provides the information and tools you need to not only discover problem areas on your website but also fix them.

Take Action to Improve Your Website Today

Hundreds of factors affect your rankings in search engines like Google, but this book gives you everything you need to make positive changes to your website in as little as 15 to 30 minutes.

“I want to thank LaFleur and all the team members. We have used their services for several years. They are responsive to requests and quickly take action with new projects. They are honest and open and go above and beyond what other marketing companies provide.”

— Stanley Block

You’re Getting Free Expert Advice From Certified SEO Specialists

The certified SEO experts at LaFleur have applied their years of experience with law firms across the country (and in a range of other industries) to assemble this free guide for you. Highlights of our expertise include:

Achieving Results for a Wide Variety of Law Firms

LaFleur’s team has experience with law firms ranging in size from single attorney practices to multi-partner firms. We have helped new attorneys just starting out as well as firms that have been in business for decades. And we have served clients focused on personal injury, family law, estate planning, business law, mediation, and many other practice areas.

Unprecedented Successes in Organic Search Traffic

Every single one of LaFleur’s clients has seen increased traffic from organic search, and one of our long-term legal clients has experienced a 2,460% increase in monthly organic traffic from 2016 to 2018.

Outstanding Rankings — Even for Brand New Websites

No one can guarantee search rankings (and if someone does, you should look elsewhere). But we have helped our clients reach the first page of Google in approximately six months for competitive head keywords, even with brand-new websites. Keep in mind that 91% of pages get no organic traffic from Google whatsoever, and only 5.7% of pages make it to the first page of Google in less than 1 year of being published.

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