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Vaping and E-Cigarette Mass Tort Marketing for Law Firms


Reach Vaping and E-Cigarette Injury Victims With Targeted Ads and Campaigns

Vaping rates have skyrocketed in recent years. According to a 2019 Gallup survey, roughly 8% of adults in the United States use e-cigarettes; among young people ages 1825the vaping rate is an alarming 19%. As the dangers of vaping become more apparent, growing numbers of victims are searching for answers and justice. 

At LaFleur, we help law firms reach people who have been harmed by e-cigarettes. Our mass tort marketing services include: 


Unlike big-box mass tort marketers, we take a personalized approach. Our team will work closely with your firm, getting to know your priorities, business goals, and ideal clients. Then, we move quickly to build cost-effectivedata-driven marketing campaigns that align with your goals. 

Consumers Still Don’t Understand the Risks Associated With Vaping 

Starting in June 2019, the United States experienced an outbreak of vaping-induced pulmonary issues. The CDC referred to this phenomenon as EVALI (e-cigarette, or vaping, product use-associated lung injury) and classified it as a disease. 

The epidemic hit its peak in September 2019, and EVALI diagnoses have since diminished. However, we have not yet returned to pre-June 2019 incidence rates, and the CDC continues to monitor the issue. In addition to EVALI, public health experts have concluded vaping can cause pulmonary illnesses like popcorn lung as well as heart attacks, stroke, lung and heart diseases, and cancer. 

Unfortunately, researchers and advocates paid by vaping companies are actively working to discredit scientists who report on the dangers of vaping. According to Bloomberg News, when The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published a study linking formaldehyde in e-cigarettes to cancer, pro-vaping researchers (many with ties to the industry) demanded a retraction. The journal denied their request. 

Fight the Vaping Industry’s Disinformation Campaign With Truthful, Approachable Content 

Many e-cigarette users still don’t understand the dangers of vaping or the extent of the e-cigarette industry’s efforts to hide the truth. If you want to reach your ideal clients, you’ll need targeted educational materials that make victims aware of the facts. 

At LaFleur, our team of writers has years of experience translating complicated and controversial subjects into everyday, empathetic language. We can build ebooks, infographics, and other materials that build trustinform your potential clients, and encourage victims to provide contact information and schedule a consultation. 

The Vaping Industry Marketed to Children — Now Attorneys Need to Hold E-Cigarette Companies Accountable 

Until recently, the government minimally regulated e-cigarettes, and many products and ads targeted children and teens. The results were predictable: in a 2019 NEJM report, University of Michigan researchers found that teenage vaping use doubled between 2017 and 2019. By 2019, one in four high school seniors, one in five 10th-graders, and one out of 11 eighth-grade students reported using vaping products. Many of these young people will struggle with nicotine addiction and the detrimental effects of vaping products on their developing brains. 

Use Different Messages to Reach Parents and Teen Victims 

At LaFleur, we carefully study law firms’ ideal client demographics and build content that speaks to the victims who need help the most. We know that parents of vaping victims have different concerns and priorities than adult e-cigarette users, and we use carefully crafted messaging to communicate with each relevant audience in terms they understand. 

Target Your Ideal Vaping Clients With On-Brand Messages 

When you’re building a mass tort docket, you need to act quickly and decisively. But even when you’re casting a wide net, you won’t get results from cookie-cutter, prefabricated strategies and campaigns. At LaFleur, we know from experience that customized messaging tailored to your law firm’s brand is the most effective way to bring in clients and cases. 

Our team creates targeted ad campaigns that align with your mission, voice, and brand. Because we’re a full-service marketing agency, our clients get access to a team of respected strategists, designers, writers, and researchers. Our vaping campaigns are already bringing law firms an influx of leads and sowing brand awareness. As a result, the attorneys we work with are positioning themselves at the forefront of the coming generation of vaping-related mass tort cases. 

LaFleur: Vaping and E-Cigarette Mass Tort Marketing That Delivers Results 

If you have questions about vaping injury cases and mass tort marketing, contact us today. We’ll assess your current approach and suggest strategies that can improve your reach and help you connect with the right leads. 

To get in touch with usfill out our online contact form or call us at (888) 222-1512. 



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