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Search Engines Are Constantly Improving — And You Should Be Too

Search engines like Google and Bing are much more sophisticated today than ever before, and they’re constantly evolving. For your website to keep up with changes, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to factor in to every facet of your online marketing — from social media profiles to heading titles on your web pages, and even to your offline marketing efforts.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the ways that LaFleur incorporates SEO into all our digital marketing services and deliverables for law firms.

On-Page SEO

SEO strategy permeates every part of the process that we use to create content marketing deliverables. To begin with, we use keyword research to identify important search terms that relate to your law firm’s practice, the topic at hand, the locality of your target region, and more.

Next, we find the best ways to incorporate those keywords and variants into not only the copy on the page, but also the meta data that communicates information about your content to search engines. (For example, our deliverables always include optimized title tags, meta descriptions, H1 tags, H2 tags, a list of targeted keywords, and more.)

But SEO is about so much more than just following a checklist of putting the right words in the right places. If SEO was that simple, everyone would be number one for the terms they want to rank for.


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So, what are some of the SEO factors that can take your performance in search engine rankings to the next level? Here are just a few noteworthy strategies that we employ at LaFleur:

  • Writing About Relevant Issues
    Our SEO efforts start long before any copy gets drafted. We monitor a broad range of channels for topics that are uniquely suited to your law firm’s specific practice areas and target demographics. These topics align with your overall website content strategy, which, in turn, strengthens your rankings and authority in search for the issues that are most relevant to your law firm’s practice.
  • Formatting for an Online Audience
    The way people read online is different from how they read printed materials, and our team of writers and content curators ensure that your content is formatted and designed in a way that catches readers’ eyes and keeps them engaged. This keeps visitors on your pages for longer, encourages them to browse more pages, and improves the shareability of your content — all of which help improve your standing in search.
  • Tailoring Content to Audience Reading Levels
    Depending on your target audience, the readability and reading level of the materials on your website can have a major impact on SEO. At LaFleur, our expert team of writers and editors can assess the readability of your material and cater it to the unique needs of your target audience, which will help your pages rank for the most relevant terms.
  • Providing Diverse, Optimized Content
    Variety in your content impresses both users and search engines alike. Images and other visual content like videos, infographics, callouts, and more can improve the user experience on your site, and it will also show search engines that your firm has the resources available to provide users with a broad variety of in-depth resources.

Technical or On-Site SEO

Another important category of SEO services includes technical optimizations on your website. Many experts call this “technical SEO” or “on-site SEO.” From internal linking structure to responsive web design to managing your robots.txt file, LaFleur can optimize your law firm’s website for search on a technical level using some of the best tools and techniques available.

Examples of on-site SEO services that we offer include the following:

  • Mobile Friendliness and Responsive Web Design
    Search engines like to see that sites are designed for the mobile experience (and so do users). Forward-thinking law firms need to ensure that the mobile experience on their site is outstanding. The team at LaFleur can build a new responsive website for you from the ground up, migrate your site to a more mobile-friendly platform, or optimize your existing site if it has the capabilities.
  • Optimizing URLs and Site Structure
    Both users and search engines alike need to be able to easily browse your site. From developing an optimized site map to structuring internal cross-linking between pages and developing concise, descriptive URLs, the LaFleur team has you covered.
  • Reducing Load Times
    Surveys show that web users today expect a site to load in two seconds or less and will abandon a site that doesn’t load within three seconds. Google and other search engines understand this, and their products likewise punish websites that load too slowly. LaFleur has the knowledge, tools, and skill to cut down your website’s load times and help you stand out among the competition.

Off-Site SEO

Since your website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy and an essential tool for achieving your law firm’s business goals, all your marketing efforts — whether online or offline — should work to support it. Below are some examples of off-site strategies that can boost your on-site and on-page SEO.

  • Email Marketing
    Whether you’re sending out regular email newsletters or updating your target audience segments about new blog content, email marketing is a powerful tool for bringing visitors back to your site so they can engage with your content and brand. In turn, they’ll share your articles, link to your content, and put your website in front of new audiences that you (and your competitors) might never have reached otherwise.
  • Social Media
    Aligning your social media efforts with SEO and content marketing strategies is a surefire way to increase engagement and, in turn, your results in search. While links to your site from social media won’t directly influence your rankings, search engines will index posts and/or profiles from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and other social platforms, leading to even more visibility for your firm.
  • Public and Media Relations
    Any time members of your firm make an appearance in the media or in public, you have an opportunity to boost your SEO. The possibilities are endless: You can capture people’s contact information at an event to market to them. You can pass out materials that feature your site’s URL. You can guest post an op-ed piece in a local or even national news outlet to gain a high-quality link back to your site and increase your exposure. You can get press releases picked up by media channels or offer your opinion when a reporter is working on a story. And if all this sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry — we’re here to make it easy.

Succeed in Search With LaFleur

Whether you want to launch your first website or you just want to see better results from your current site, the certified SEO specialists at LaFleur can work with you to help you capture the attention of users and search engines alike.

To get in touch with us today, call our offices at (888) 222-1512 or fill out our convenient online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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