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You’ve Got Questions About Legal Marketing — We’ve Got Answers 

At LaFleur, we love questions. We are a curious group of marketing professionals, and we also deeply value transparency. Below, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about our organization and legal marketing, and we’ve done our best to answer them candidly or point you to another resource that will provide an in-depth answer. And if you have a question that we haven’t addressed here, you can fill out the form on the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you promptly with an answer!

Q: Can I afford to work with LaFleur? 

Yes! We will carefully evaluate your current online marketing efforts and work closely with you to determine not only the specific services that will likely bring you the highest return on investment, but also what fits in your law firm’s budget. Every one of our clients starts out with a unique, customized package, and as they experience success with us, many of them scale up and add other services that make sense for their firm. 

In addition, we are always open to discussions about your current plan. If a strategy is delivering major results, we are happy to scale it up. If something just isn’t working, we’re happy to reallocate your budget to other strategies that are. Our priority is always helping you succeed on a budget that works for you!

Q: What if I only want a few of your marketing services? 

No problem! We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. If you’re just getting a foothold online, you’re going to need a different suite of services than an established law firm that has been doing business for a decade. If you’re trying to attract new clients in rural Montana, you’re going to need a different approach than a firm trying to get new business in the Chicago metro area. 

We have worked with law firms from Anchorage, Alaska to Sarasota, Florida to help them achieve their unique business goals, and that means using a customized mix of marketing strategies that makes sense for each of them rather than trying to push a standard package on every client who comes our way. 

Furthermore, we offer a la carte services for our current clients. If they’re holding an event, we can get the word out and seize the opportunity to build their email marketing list. If a major newsworthy event comes up and they need an opinion piece edited (or written), we can fast-track something for them.  

We are truly a marketing partner for your law firm. We want to help you grow, and if there is a specific service you need, we’re happy to provide it.

Q: Can you guarantee results? 

We generally encourage people to approach guaranteed results with skepticism because it often means the guarantor doesn’t really understand the nuances of a project — or they’re just saying anything to get a sale. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a prime example of this. As much as we’d like to, no one can truly guarantee search engine rankings. Google is continually updating their algorithm to rank pages, the competition in different spaces varies drastically (the legal industry is remarkably competitive, for example), factors outside of your control influence your search rankings, etc. No one, except perhaps the engineers at Google, know all the elements that influence rankings, so if you get a search ranking guarantee, it’s probably a false one. 

While we don’t guarantee results, we can say that we have experienced consistent success with law firms across the United States in a wide variety of contexts (from content marketing and social media to paid advertising and beyond). Below are some resources that might help shed some light on the efficacy of our results-oriented approach: 

In addition, we’re always happy to provide references upon request.

Q: Why should I work with you instead of handling digital marketing in-house? 

There are a lot of valid reasons to hire an in-house marketing professional for your law firm, and we have worked closely with in-house staff members at many of our clients’ businesses. However, many small- and medium-sized organizations come to a specific point where they are evaluating their marketing budgets and trying to decide whether to go with an agency or someone in-house. For those law firms, working with an agency is usually the way to go. 

Here are some important reasons why: 

  • Cost: There are a lot of hidden costs associated with hiring someone in-house. They need a workspace with a new computer, pricey software, and other tools. You have to cover payroll taxes, healthcare, their salary, and other costs. An in-house marketing person will also need a dedicated budget to fund your marketing initiatives. The list goes on. If you add all the costs up and instead spend them with an agency, your budget will always go further at the agency — and you’ll get better work from an agency because they’re experts. 
  • Expertise: We often joke about so-called “unicorns”: people who are truly experts in more than one area of digital marketing. We have an incredibly talented (and multi-talented) staff here at LaFleur, but none of our staff members could handle all of the marketing efforts for any one business and execute them to the same level of quality that our team can achieve by working together. No matter how good your in-house asset is, they can’t compete with a team of experts. If you had to choose between investing the same amount in one person or a team of experts, where would you invest? 
  • Scalability: Hiring one marketing professional is a complicated process, and hiring additional marketing personnel to meet your needs often takes even more effort. You first need the available budget to justify taking them on, and then you experience all the same costs associated with hiring someone new. With a marketing agency like LaFleur, our business relationship can grow at the same rate your law firm does. And if you need to scale down for some reason, it’s much easier to work that out with an agency than firing someone you hired and who has been working with you. 

You can read more about this topic in our blog article “The Hidden Costs of Hiring In-House Marketing Staff.” 

Q: How do I know what you’re working on, and how will you report results? 

Here at LaFleur, we believe in building trust through transparency (and consistently delivering high-quality work). One of the ways we do that is by sharing access to our project management system. This allows our clients to check in on the status of their projects at any time. 

It also allows our clients to choose a level of involvement that fits their schedule. Many attorneys are incredibly busy with their caseloads, so we are happy to send them only the most urgent and high-priority items to follow up on. Some of our other clients prefer to be more involved in the details of their marketing efforts, so we are happy to integrate them into our project management in a way that works for them. 

In addition to having access to our project management system, we schedule regular check-in calls with clients, deliver thorough reporting and analysis on key performance indicators (KPIs), set up access to analytics software for clients, and more. Plus, we are always available to field questions our clients have about the status of their projects, campaigns, and account. 

You can read a bit more about some of our policies and processes in the articles below: 

Q: My law firm has a notable negative review. Can you help? 

In most cases, yes. Depending on where the review is, it may be possible to appeal it with the review site. For example, if the person leaving the review was not, in fact, a client of your law firm, you may be able to get it removed. If the review lacks any real substance, is inflammatory or offensive, or otherwise does not meet the requirements of the review site, you may also be able to appeal it. Because our team is familiar with the policies of many prominent review sites, we can certainly help you reach out and report or appeal a review if you have legitimate grounds to do so.  

Sometimes, removing a negative review isn’t an option. In cases where negative reviews cannot be taken down, it may be in your best interest to respond to the review if the option exists. We have some advice about that in our article, “Responding to Negative Reviews: Sticks, Stones, and Solutions.” We also have expert writers and editors on staff who can craft nuanced responses that align with your law firm’s voice and messaging, and they can help you respond appropriately in a way that paints your firm in the best light possible. 

In some instances, the option to respond is not available; for example, if a person wrote a negative review on their blog. Another approach — one that we usually pursue before responding or asking a hosting site to take down a review — involves reaching out to the person who has written the review to see if you can remedy the situation. This is the preferred method for many reasons: you can turn that negative review into a positive one by following up, you will receive better word-of-mouth referrals from the person, etc. Our team can go beyond crafting a compelling message to the reviewer by using marketing automation to track whether that person has read your email and automatically send a follow-up if they haven’t. 

Concurrently with any of these strategies, we can use email marketing and other techniques to follow up with your satisfied clients to solicit positive reviews that can outweigh any negative ones. 

Q: How should I follow up with leads that come in? 

This is one of the most challenging aspects of our job as a marketing agency for law firms. We can get potential clients to fill out forms, make phone calls, reach out via chat, and engage with your firm in many other ways, but once we hand them off, follow-up is in our clients’ hands. Some of our clients are very good about lead follow-up; they have built systems and hired intake specialists to chase down and evaluate potential clients’ cases. Other firms, especially smaller ones, struggle to follow up with leads in a timely and effective way, which means their marketing dollars that produce these leads may be going to waste. 

Thanks to our years of experience working with law firms across the country, we can discuss your lead follow-up procedures and help you identify ways to more effectively turn the leads we deliver into clients for your law firm. We can also help you identify ways to make your in-house processes more efficient, which we call intake optimization. 

As far as practical advice is concerned, we have discussed how to follow up with leads in several of our blog articles, which you can access using the links below: 

Q: What distinguishes LaFleur from some of the other legal marketing agencies I've seen online? 

LaFleur is not your typical legal marketing agency. Here are just a few important reasons why: 

  • Transparency: We don’t think our work should be a mystery. From project management to reporting to billing, nothing we do is a secret to our clients, and if you have questions, we’re here to provide candid answers. 
  • A Holistic Approach: We take the long view of your marketing and growth. While we make a point of identifying the proverbial low-hanging fruit of your current efforts, we won’t pitch you a strategy that doesn’t contribute to meaningful, lasting growth for your law firm. Our priority is always your firm’s growth and success. 
  • Specialization in the Legal Industry: We got our start as an organization by marketing for law firms, and we have a deep and comprehensive understanding of how law firms operate, how attorneys’ clients search for and find a lawyer, and the unique challenges that law firms face in a highly competitive and often saturated marketplace. 

Have Another Question? We’re Here to Help. 

We’ve done our best to answer some of the most common questions we get, but if there’s something you’d like to know about us, about marketing for law firms, or about online marketing in general, we’re happy to help! Fill out the brief form below with your question(s), and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

And if you’d like to speak to someone directly about your law firm’s marketing needs, you can call us at (888) 222-1512 or fill out the form.