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Industrial and Agricultural Chemicals Mass Tort Marketing for Law Firms

mass tort marketing

LaFleur Helps Lawyers Connect With Their Ideal Mass Tort and Toxic Tort Clients

Industrial and agricultural chemical manufacturers and retailers convinced generations of farmers and business owners that their chemical products would make work more productive and improve lives. Unfortunately, we’re discovering that many chemicals that we’ve relied on for decades have harmed workers and business owners in profound ways.  

At LaFleur, we help mass tort attorneys and law firms reach these victims with targeted, empowering information and advertising. When we work with mass tort and product liability clients, we offer comprehensive marketing and advertising services. We design, implement, and manage: 

Unfortunately, consumers are inundated with cookie-cutter mass tort ads and quickly learn to tune them out. We don’t engage in these types of ads, which only create background noise for most consumers. Instead, we customize our content and advertising campaigns and target your firm’s ideal client demographics, making your ads more effective and cost-efficient. 

Our goal is to build ads that empower, build trust, raise your law firm’s brand awareness, and encourage dialogue. When you work with LaFleur, you’ll get content and advertising that aligns with your law firm’s brand, targets your ideal clients, and maximizes your budget. 


Industrial and Agricultural Chemicals: A Growing Niche for Mass Tort Attorneys

Industrial and agricultural chemical mass torts aren’t new. One of the longest-running and most significant MDLs in our history involves an industrial chemical or substance: asbestos. As of 4/15/2020, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has handled 192,118 asbestos claims as part of this action.  

People are becoming more and more aware of the potential risks associated with seemingly “everyday” chemicals. Thousands of people have sued Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science due to Roundup-related cancers. Hundreds of firefighters are claiming that aqueous film-forming foams caused their cancers. These cases are only the first of what may be many claims related to PFAS, PFOS, and water contamination. 


Marketers Who Appreciate Science as Much as Good Design

When an airbag fails or a drug has dangerous side effects, it’s relatively easy to explain the process to legal consumers. Unfortunately, chemical-related mass tort claims require a deeper understanding of science and healthcare. As a mass tort lawyer, you need to educate people about potential exposures, help victims identify their injuries, and calm fears about these hazardous substances and “forever chemicals.” 

While a glossy ad may attract a reader’s attention initially, we know from experience that it often takes more than a single ad impression to convert a lead into a client. Today’s legal clients are more sophisticated than ever. These clients are researching their legal issues in greater detail, and they want substantive information, not scare tactics and noise. 

At LaFleur, our team of writers, researchers, and advertising experts have years of experience translating complex legal and healthcare topics into easy-to-read, empathetic language. We implement campaigns and assets that build trust, inform your potential clients, and encourage victims to provide contact information and schedule a consultation.  

Then, our content marketing team works closely with our designers and paid advertising experts to create campaigns that are attention-grabbing, educational, and optimized for lead generation. 


LaFleur: Discover the Benefits of Customized Mass Tort Marketing 

If you’re ready to experience the advantages of a fresh, personalized, and highly targeted approach to your mass tort marketing campaigns, contact LaFleur today. We can audit your current strategies and find the most efficient avenues to get you more leads and cases. 

To chat with an expert from the LaFleur team today, fill out our online contact form or call us at (888) 222-1512. 



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