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Defective Safety Devices and Mass Tort Marketing for Law Firms

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Mass Tort Marketing That Resonates With Victims of Defective Safety Products

Some of our country’s largest mass tort cases have involved safety devices like Takata airbags and 3M Combat Arms earplugs. For many of us, protective devices and equipment are part of our daily routine: we buckle seat belts, put on respirators and helmets, and use ear protection. When these products fail, we all deserve accountability and answers.

At LaFleur, we help law firms reach people who have been harmed by defective safety products. Our mass tort marketing services include:


We’re not an agency that churns out boilerplate, cookie-cutter ads and content. Instead, we take a personalized approach to each law firm and each mass tort case. When you work with LaFleur, our team will spend time with you, getting to know your goals, your ideal clients, and your firm’s culture. Then, we build marketing strategies that reflect exactly who you are and address your clients’ most pressing concerns.

When Safety-Related Products Fail, The Results Are Catastrophic

When companies make, distribute, and sell defective safety devices and products, victims often suffer enormous harm. Consider the following statistics:

  • The Takata Alpha airbag recall involved 56 million inflators; the defective inflators caused at least 16 deaths and hundreds of injuries.
  • An additional recall of Takata NADI 5-AT airbags impacts an estimated 1.4 million vehicles in the United States.
  • Experts believe that roughly 19 million people in 610 communities in 43 states live with water contaminated by PFAS chemicals from firefighting foams and industrial chemicals.
  • Over 100,000 veterans may suffer from tinnitus and hearing loss because they used defective 3M Combat Arms earplugs.

Mass Tort Marketing — Without the Fearmongering

There’s increasing (and justified) pushback from state lawmakers against misleading, fearmongering mass tort ads. While most of the focus has been on claims involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices, you and your advertising partner need to tread carefully when you advertise representation for mass tort cases involving safety products and devices.

At LaFleur, we believe that your ideal clients deserve honest, practical advice, and your brand deserves messaging that aligns with your mission and identity. A cookie-cutter advertisement that shouts “WARNING!” but doesn’t provide meaningful information won’t help anyone. That’s why we create customized marketing strategies and deploy content that’s carefully researched, factually accurate, and compelling.

We know from experience that it’s possible to balance attention-grabbing tactics with practical, helpful advice and information. Our team includes researchers, writers, designers, and paid advertising experts who will work with you to create the best possible marketing plan for your law firm’s defective safety device campaigns.

LaFleur: Discover the Benefits of Customized Mass Tort Marketing

If you’re ready for a refreshing, personalized approach to your mass tort marketing, contact LaFleur today. We can audit your current strategies and find the most efficient avenues to get your more leads and cases.

To talk with someone from our team today, fill out our online contact form or call us at (888) 222-1512.



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